ASUS U32VJ WIFI Intel Centrino N 2230

Discussion in 'ASUS Wireless' started by 2danny9, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Jan 26, 2013
    I bought the laptop, it has ->W8<-.
    I assumed maybe drivers were old or Windows needed a repair. Nope. Still connects to every router, but has no connection to the internet.

    It first had ASUS:


    I then installed ASUS:


    I then install Intel's wifi driver:


    In school, I connect to the WIFI and I get internet for one second and then I get no internet, the wifi cycles automatically connecting to disconcerting. Doing this manually did not work also.

    I ASSUMED this was at school only. No, I had V15.5.5.47, and in a space of 10 minutes, TWICE my WIFI dropped. Connected to wifi, but no internet!

    I uninstalled the Wireless software from programs, then uninstall device driver from device manager. I installed all version drivers via run as admin.

    Device manager also lists:

    Intel WiUSB - USB-IF xHCI USB Host Controller - Windows code not load drivers code 31, hardware id: root\usbpalbus.

    Help please, I do want to send this laptop back, I either fix it or refund it, I have no other computer to wait for 15+ days to send it off to repairs.

    I;ve also used reg cleaners, defrag etc.

    Thank you all in advance,

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