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    RT-N66U - Merlin 380.70 - DNSSEC Resolve issues -> Fixed in later versions?

    Winner Winner Chicken dinner. You know I searched and searched these forums and I didn't see that one. Good catch my friend! (One of the disadvange of not running phpBB forums software I guess). I had an epic fail about 5 times as I read it as "dnsmasq.conf" add file instead of...
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    [380 legacy] DNSSEC no longer compatible with 380.70

    LOL... Goodness gracious.. I read that 5 times as "add file" .. sheesh.. I'm old. Yeah... that was the answer! All of my procedures worked the same (but now with the correct filename of "dnsmasq.conf.add" and I was able to reboot without the router hard resetting itself... The only question...
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    [380 legacy] DNSSEC no longer compatible with 380.70

    Just to be clear... because I didn't see anything about creating the file or getting it in there in your instructions so....Yeah.. the first time I did this, my router went zonkers and locked me out. Couldn't even get in on a hard line. Had to do a VRAM reset and of course lost all of my...