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    Tutorial backup-router script

    I implemented automated backup to my Linode (rsync over ssh) a while ago, and yesterday that effort paid off. My router lives on a shelf in a coat closet, and my daughter decided to cram something next to it. It got shoved into the wall and snapped the USB flash drive in two. Thankfully it was...
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    Tutorial ddns-start custom script for Linode DNS

    Thought I'd share my custom ddns-start script for updating Linode DNS, in case it helps someone:
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    Unbound Unbound whitelist googleads

    unbound_manager advanced 3 = Advanced Tools ea = Edit Ad Block Allowlist (eb=Blocklist; eca=Config-AllowSites; ecb=Config-BlockSites; el {Ad Block file}) <add the domain(s) you want to whitelist, one per line, save, exit, voila> I don't use Skynet, but that's how I whitelisted stuff...
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    Unbound Impressive Unbound native RPZ files collection for adblocking and more

    Thank you for this! Appending to /opt/share/unbound/configs/blocksites does a wonderful job at blocking pr0n. Now if there was an easy way to block all of Reddit’s NSFW subs…
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    Unbound How to disable dnsmasq?

    FWIW, appending to /opt/share/unbound/configs/blocksites does a wonderful job at blocking pr0n.
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    Unbound Whitelist a domain? requires (and two other subdomains that I can't recall) be accessible. In order for my highschoolers to do their work, I had to disable ad blocking. Can I modify unbound's config files to allow *, or would that change get...
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    Unbound SOLVED: unbound not running

    Here is my script, which I save on the usb itself (I thought of keeping in /jffs/scripts, but why not backup the script itself at the same time?): #!/usr/bin/env bash export HOME="/mnt/usb/dfelicia" # This script is called by cron (cru) rsync_target_dir="~/router-backup/usb"...
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    Unbound SOLVED: unbound not running

    I just finished my solution. It’s just a cron job that rsyncs to my Linode over ssh (using public key authentication). Quick and easy.
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    Unbound SOLVED: unbound not running

    Yeah, this was a wake up call. I’m going to implement a scheduled backup routine.
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    Unbound SOLVED: unbound not running

    Yeah, I just decided to replace it rather than risk losing the data. USB flash drives are cheap... picked one up at Target, booted Linux VM on my Mac, formatted and gave the same label as existing, scp'd the content, ejected old, stuck in new & re-created swap, rebooted. Voila! It's all working...
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    Unbound SOLVED: unbound not running

    Edit: I replaced the flash drive and all seems well. marking as solved Hi, all. RT-AX86U 386.3_2 I setup unbound, yesterday, using unbound_manager 3.22. Everything went fine. This morning when I woke up, it wasn't running. Found this is syslog: Oct 9 06:58:49 kernel: EXT4-fs error (device...
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    FlexQoS Rename category?

    This is very helpful. Thank you!
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    FlexQoS Rename category?

    I did, and also the on GitHub. I'll give it all another read. 100 down, 35 up. I don't know how I'd quantify that. No one is complaining, but they weren't complaining before when I just had the out-of-the-box Adaptive QoS enabled.
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    FlexQoS Rename category?

    Hi, I just installed FlexQoS on my RT-AC68U running firmware version 384.19. I've read the documentation, but don't understand a few things... I don't play games. When downloading large files (e.g. when my Mac downloads items from the App Store) FlexQoS is categorizing as "Game Transferring."...