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    VPN problem rt ac56u John's Fork

    yes, but before you put on forum any info that something is wrong you should generally. 1. flash latest FW 2. perform hard reset to clear nvram 3. setup all manually and then if it is not working wrote new post :)
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    WAN faster without router

    @Tech9 - I know Asus router/ AsusWRT very well (from ASUS WL-500W) and sometimes when you play with QoS Traditional for example and then switch is off NAT CTF will not back on therefore I ask about it. Speed300Mbit it is exactly speed this router get when NAT is off. I do not understood why you...
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    Malfunctioning kill switch (RT-AC68U)

    did you look at VPN Director changes ? "Manual shutdown of a client removes the kill switch. The kill switch. It will now only be applied at boot time (if the client has been configured to start at boot time), or if the tunnel is disconnected by a non-user event"
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    VPN problem rt ac56u John's Fork

    did you made hard reset of your router and set up all setting manually (w/o uploading config file)?
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    Upgrade R7800 or not

    R7800 is very good router why you consider to upgrade it? is you ISP seed is close to 1Gbit? if yes you can consider miniPC with OPNsense, pfSense or openWRT - changing to new current home router even the strongest one do not have much sens.
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    WAN faster without router

    did you enabled NAT acceleration? turn off AI protection etc. router you are using technological is 8y old and was not design to 1Gbit - to be honest any home user Router is not design for 1Gbit - to have it working with VPN etc you would need to make...
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    Need help setting up QoS

    are you using Adaptive QoS or Traditional one? In your case Adaptive will not work.
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    Upgrade Home Network

    do not setup the same wi-fi channels :) - no noise then
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    AX55 & WiFi Calling

    setup same specific control channel for wi-fi (not auto) do not use one of DFS channels do not use WPA3
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    How to disable Aimesh node's 2.4ghz radio?

    if you do not need wi-fi 2.4 in home why you will not turn it off on main router and it will be turn off on Node.
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    RT-AC86U - no wifi / no macadress /no chanel number

    try to clear nvram via miniCFE and load FW one more time form miniCFE to get to miniCFE - put router in recovery mode (reset hold and power up, power LED start to blink after 10s or more (40s even)) then do not use Asus Firmware restoration but use Firefox to log at (you would see...
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    Time scheduling whitelist

    I think you looking for functionality like in Synology routers I even asked about it Asus - no replay. :( if any of RMerlin addons devs will not needed it I do not see this happen :(
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    ASUS rtn66u 5GHZ wireless periodically malfunctions

    if you want to investigate it more you can try load alternative FW like FreshTomato and check wi-fi operation. Before doing it you would need to downgrade AsusWRT to very old one like 380.70 internet speed will not be good 150Mbit but you could check if you have the same issue with wi-fi.
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    AX58U/AX3000 USB issues

    USB port intention is to have all the time USB connected :) you use it for example to install and use of amtm modules. When I try to connect one by one 5-10 pendrives not all are recognized. I had the similar issue with TF card adapter that after few weeks USB was gone and I need to format it...
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    DNS-over-TLS on AX89?

    did you found any info that it is possible on stock AsusWRT? It is possible for RMerlin FW but your router is not supported.