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    ASUS RT-AX58U problems connecting to internet.

    Well there could be a few bits to check. First it should be connected like this: The internet cloud bit is your BT socket (top Data port as it sounds like you have a filtered faceplate) then one ethernet cable from the yellow socket on the Vigor to the WAN port on your Asus RT-AX58U. You can...
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    Intermittent DNS failure? Dnsmasq hanging? 384.19 on RT-AX88U

    I've experienced similar here using DoT on an AX88U. I had been using Quad9 for while with no issues then had a few things showing DNS failure, like my TV and VoIP phone not registering - I guess they tried DNS once and gave up rather than retrying - Then a few weeks back it pretty much stopped...
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    Why is there no support for the RT-AX92U?

    Although a bit old now the AC88U is still a good performing device - is there some performance that you don't find great that you are looking to improve? One thing to note on the AX92U - which is a small and great looking unit - is that it is geared towards being used as a mesh setup - although...
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    Cannot Access Network Drive Via Samba

    I had the same problem on an RT-AC88U a while back - I replied in the thread with the same issue as you Looking at the network traffic the DNS for SMB seemed to be a bit weird but using the FQDN...
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    AX88 upgrade query

    Similar issue when I first got my AX88U - but no problems now on 384-13 through to .17 that I am currently on. I'd suggest it is probably a driver issue - a number of network cards need a driver update to see AX capable networks or WPA3, I have found it needs a manual update, i.e. in Windows 10...
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    RT-AX56U - Can't access USB drive from Windows

    Hmm, I had this last summer on an RT-AC88U just after I upgraded from 384.11_2 to 384.12 in this thread There were quite a few changes to WDS in that release I think, but not sure exactly what stopped it working after the...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (and 384.13_8) are now available

    AC88U I take it? Mine never showed the status of ports 5-8. I guess as ports 5-8 are on a Realtek switch internally the status can't be got hold of easily.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 (and 384.13_6) are now available

    The WiFi on my Ax88 seems to be OK on .16 - Although I have another issue which I still haven't worked out (after a day or 2 I think DHCP goes a a bit odd - looks like WIRED devices (or wireless through a wired AP) request an IP but either don't get offered one or don't take one - I have to...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.16 (and 384.13_6) are now available

    Not quite the same but I've just upgraded from AC88U to AX88U and this morning had some of the LAN ports seem to stop working and needed a rebbot - WiFi and WAN OK, so not as bad as this but will keep my eye on things.
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    PIA VPN as VPN Client on Merlin

    Hmm, yes just done a quick test and looks like the block routed clients if tunnel goes down does trigger if you manually turn the client off. I'm not sure how to "unblock" them other than rebooting the router - there may be a command you can type via SSH but I'l have to have a look. 1 - Well...
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    PIA VPN as VPN Client on Merlin

    When you turn the OpenVPN client off can you then do normal browsing on your PC - is it just the PIA client that won't connect? I don't use the OpenVPN client often but have seen a few times that the PC then can't access the internet when I turn off the VPN until rebooted - I thinkI've had to...
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    Wi-Fi Signal Strength RT-AC86U v RT-AX88U

    I've not had chance to get it swapped over yet but will check when I have. Are you interested in both bands, specifically AX etc?
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    Wi-Fi Signal Strength RT-AC86U v RT-AX88U

    OK, just for comparison I am about to swap my AC88U to an AX88U (mainly because ports 5-8 fail intermittently) so attached are a couple of screen shots of both the AC88U and AX88U running together - one with 384.13 and one with 384.15 AC88U on .15 for both. The AX88U is a 2019 manufactured in...
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    384.12 - SMB Share name

    Sorry forgot to say, checked nmbd was running before any other changes and it was. I'm pretty sure the netbios name in /etc/smb.conf was and still is RT-AC88U (will double check when home later). I'm mindful that I haven't done a full reset and dirty flashed so may see if I can fit that in at...
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    384.12 - SMB Share name

    Aha - so may have sorted it - the FQDN worked. Killing the avahi daemon just stopped being able to reach it at \\RT-AC88U-CF30 as expected. And probably the main reason was I hadn't bothered to set a domain before (nieve\lazy\well it just worked on previous versions!). Setting the domain then...