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    My router randomly disconnect clients

    you have airtime fairness turned off?
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    config format

    Anyone know why asus doesn't store the configs in a text format that can be easily backup' d and restored? it's always been the biggest impediment to upgrading for me.
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    Skynet Whitelist by country code?

    Agree with jsbeddow, defeats the whole purpose of using skynet. You are better off finding the offending ASN ranges or IP's being blocked and whitelisting those instead (if you are sure they are safe).
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    Skynet Skynet Installation issue

    it most likely did not install on your router in AP mode. You can check by changing it back to router mode and re-running the installation via amtm.
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    Skynet Skynet banned

    Skynet uses publicly available block lists. Every once in awhile people either maliciously or inadvertently add legitimate sites to the block lists. Or sometimes shared hosts can become compromised. Or people add country block lists not realizing they would be clocking a site hosted in X...
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    Skynet Log Level 7 Settings [Failed]

    did you check your flash partition and is it working? are you getting an error or firewall startup via ssh?
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    Skynet Skynet and Network Speed Test slow-downs ..

    Not sure what's causing your slowness, but I'm hitting 500 down / 24 up with skynet enabled on ac88u to USB 32gb flash. Did you enable additional logging? Did using flash provide better results? Sorry if I missed it, are you doing your testing over wired or wireless?
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    Skynet Skynet, AiProtection, and USTVGO dot TV

    you can always check the syslog and see which sites are blocked when you wife gets the error and login to skynet console and whitelist the whole range. 1) check syslog for ip address being blocked 2) check ip address in and see who owns the block and the full CIDR range 3) ssh into the...
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    Skynet Skynet, AiProtection, and USTVGO dot TV

    Best to lookup the reputation in a source like alienvault and decide from there, i typically error on the side of caution. There is no content worth being hit with a 0 day. Having said that, here is a virustotal lookup for it...
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    Skynet Skynet: [*] USB Not Found - Sleeping For 10 Seconds ( Attempt 1 Of 10 )

    after you reformat the USB drive uninstall and re-install skynet firewall uninstall then re-run the re-installation script
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    Skynet A lot of hits from IP

    I block everything from RU and CN some stats worth looking at: most real CN sites are behind a CDN so accessing most sites in china has not really been a problem even with the block. Does that mean my floodcam can't phone home? Yes :)
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    Skynet Skynet source port 52599

    Thanks. Where are you located? maybe the attack vectors are different for different geographies? its temping to install graylog again and feed all flow data and see if there is a pattern.
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    Skynet Skynet source port 52599

    I noticed something interesting. Almost 90+ percent of all inbound traffic blocked is using source port 52599. Not sure why this would be unless they are mostly using the same toolset? And does this mean that by just blocking incoming source port 52599 I can block a whole lot of malicious...
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    AC68U - Unable to do WAN USB Tethering with Android phone on AT&T

    i tried this with att and my lg v40 when spectrum was out. i was never able to get it to work. I ended up using the hotspot on my phone during the spectrum outage. If you get this working, it'd be interested too.
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    Skynet "Elvis has left the building ... "

    It may be time for us to do a zoom intervention with all parties for the good of all :p