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    not mesh client, can't update it's ip

    What is interesting is whenever i get these messages, it is when a device is having trouble connecting. They would do it for hours before they finally connect. What I do notice is if i power off the device, they usually connect without a problem. Something seems like it gets stale and is...
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    Aimesh nodes becomes offline sometimes.

    Thanks for replying to this. Interesting as I do not have the Ai security enabled. Would the crash be from it not being enabled, it actually being enabled even if ui says it is off, or just something that is expected to crash on its own. Aside from that, i guess I have no clue then why the node...
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    Aimesh nodes becomes offline sometimes.

    I am currently testing an older merlin, which worked before.
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    Aimesh nodes becomes offline sometimes.

    Hello All, Hope I can get some help. I have a ax86u with merlin latest and 3 XD4 mesh nodes. Every so often i see the log below and one random mesh node is in the offline state. I am usually able to ssh into the node and send the command "reboot" and it recovers. Other times I need to power...
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    How to keep devices in arp table? ax86u with merlins latest
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    Ok so according to asuswrt plugin it looks at the dnsmasq.leases file, but my devices are always in this list... now i am confused on how they are away.
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    Already have since i have like 100 devices
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    I am doing more research, but in home assistant there is a asuswrt plugin which needs ssh access which I assumed dumped the arp table to show if a device is connected or not. i guess it looks somewhere else...
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    Hmm this did not work for me... hmmm
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    Cool will try this. May i ask how often you run the cron job?
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    How to keep devices in arp table?

    I use Home assistant and I like to keep tabs on some of my devices like managed switches and ESXi hosts. The issue i run into is that these devices do not stay in the arp table as I guess the device never reaches out for internet activity. I tried using a network scanner which will ping/reach...
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    RT-AX89X Google Cast And Smart Device Issues

    the XD4's also got no love yet. waiting everyday for an update.
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    Release ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Firmware version (2022/01/14)

    This did not solve the TP-Link kasa issue either. Have Legacy Mode and a lot of the things are just not stable at all.
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    AX58U - Wifi unstable with Smart home devices (TP-link HS200, HS105 switch etc...)

    XD4 still sucks with Kasa tp-link stuff. constant DHCP requests with these bad firmware even with wifi in legacy mode.
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.4 is now available

    Awesome so it will work its way into merlin eventually since asus knows it is their fault