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    New router

    WiFi performance is very dependent on router/hub placement. I ran coax behind a couch to get away from outside wall to center of house and was able to go to single router instead of a mesh. Also think about number and type of walls between router and endpoints. In my experience, RF travels...
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    What happens with two different ASUS routers in ai-mesh?

    I have 2 floors @ 2500 sq. ft. and bought an AX92 awhile back when the WAN port on my AC88 went flaky. I put the AC88 in as a 2nd floor wireless node with the AX92 vs. just the AX92 by itself. After making the location of the AX92 more central, I didn’t need the AC88. Net-Net: Location...
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    Router to wall socket or grounded surge

    Damn, stuff is getting expensive. The APC 1500VA’s I have are 50% more expensive now.
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    Need help on SysLog spamming already exist in UDB, can't add it

    Just a guess, but turn off Private Address on the iPhone Wifi settings under the ( i ) icon
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    Release RT-AX92U Version released 6/3/21

    Stable here. Been seeing about 25% better Speedtest as well. No Smart Connect, Single node, 5GHz2 AX only.
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    Fortinet Fortigate 40F for our small business?

    Fortinets have horsepower to burn. Been running at work for years serving 10k+ nodes on multiple campuses. IPS/IDS is decent.
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    Which router to use as Primary?

    I took my AC88 out of my AiMesh as an upstairs node and boxed it up as a spare. Performance is better with the solo AX92 downstairs. 1400 sq. ft. main floor and 900 sq. ft. upstairs. 20-25 devices.
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    AX92U - slow internet speedtest after upgrade to firmware
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    AX92U - slow internet speedtest after upgrade to firmware

    Version 2021/06/03 61.96 MBytes ASUS RT-AX92U Firmware version 1.Fixed the FragAttack vulnerability. 2.Fixed DoS vulnerability. Thanks for Tsinghua University NISL's contribution. 3.Improved system stability. 4.Fixed GUI bugs. 5.Security Fixed: CVE-2020-25681...
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    Question about wifi6 dual vs tri band

    I run an AX92 with my old AC88 as an wireless AiMesh node (flaky WAN port). The only drawback is no Merlin.
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    Delayed internet connection...

    Is this with 5GHz connections? If so, is this on a DFS channel?
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    Advice on upgrading setup

    Try moving the upstairs router closer to the stairwell down the wall. You are partially obstructed by load bearing walls and plumbing. I did this to get a bathroom out of LOS from my AX92 to Master Bedroom and it made a big stability and throughput difference. AX92 as AiMesh main and AC88 as...
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    RT-AX92U add a node?

    IMHO, looks like a bad WiFi chip in the fire stick. Glad you found a work around. Electronics do fail in strange ways.
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    RT-AX92U add a node?

    Hmmmm, if you are line of sight I don’t think adding more complexity will resolve your issue. I would be looking at the router logs for anything happening at the time you have an issue. Otherwise you may be better getting a new Fire stick. Really guessing at this point.