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    Split tunnelling on RT AC86U 386.2.2 Merlin

    I used this document when I set mine up. The DNS within the VPN will not be available until the tunnel is up and can only be used by the clients routed through the tunnel.
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    What ax router in the UK?

    I have just bought one from about a week ago. They were oos so I left my email and about 3 weeks later I was notified that they had arrived. I see they are oos again. Hot cakes eh !!
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    VPN routing goes wrong

    I found this write-up worked for me: Unfortunately I cannot read your images. I have Client 1 to NL and Client 2 to GB I run Client 1 as "Policy Rules strict" and Client 2 as "Policy Rules" Client 1 has the high priority...
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    [advice needed] I have a RT-N66U but I need more CPU for VPN client

    I hit the same bottleneck a little while ago. I went to PFSense on a mini-itx celeron mobo as the router and the N66U is running as an access point. The ISP router is setup as a modem. I easily max out my ISP speeds of 150/10 with an OpenVPN client at AES256.
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    RT N66U Client list bug?

    I just came across this after upgrading to 380.63. I found that it was browser related... I use waterfox, then went to edge which worked fine. So I started waterfox in safe mode and it worked and has continued to work with the addins enabled.