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    Dual WAN - See per device bandwidth

    Have you found a way to analyze this? I am trying to see why I have 35MB/hour traffic on a 4G USB Stick that is configured as fail-over and not active.
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    Dual-WAN traffic 35.3MB/hour but not active

    I am using a LTE USB Stick (Huawei E3372) in fail-over mode on my AC86U. It always worked like a charm for months. Past 2 days it started generating 35.3MB traffic per hour without actually being active or the primary WAN failing. In fact I disabled Dual-WAN yesterday evening and it still...
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    brand new AC86u has a crashlog. what does any of this mean?

    Not sure if helpful: I started having this soon after installing my new AC86U and after testing AiProtection and disabling it again. It just seems related to having used AiProtection for a moment, but the error stayed when I disabled it again. I always thought one day I'd go ahead and do a...
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    What are the disadvantages of running a beast like the AC88U without the fan, only with stock cooling? I mean what does really happen if it gets hot? And at what temp should we start being concerned? From memory, my AC88U (that's now gone) stayed at around 80C or 90C, which was indeed a little...
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    I just left the ASUS distributors service center. The only other guy there also had a (surprise surprise) broken RT-AC88U. They gave him a smaller rental and told him at some time "in July" he'll get a new RT-AC88U with a "new chipset". If that means they fix the HW problem or have some new...
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    I almost convinced the guy in the shop to give me another router model instead (probably AC68U plus balance cash I'd take memory or USB drives or something else from the shop) - but it didn't work out since I already threw away the inner cardboard of the original box :/ So, only option is to...
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    I received a brand new unit last Tuesday when I initially posted (my first 88U was less than 2 days old when the 5Ghz radio died). 5 days later and this second RT-AC88U just died on me completely!! All was working fine till around 1h ago. The only LEDs on were POWER and WAN, while WAN was...
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    User NVRAM Save/Restore Utility (R26.2)

    Thanks a lot for this superb utility @john9527, I successfully moved from my old RT-N66U to the new RT-AC88U and got it backup up and running literally within minutes (twice, since the first AC88U broke after 2 days of use).
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    So I finally purchased my brand new RT-AC88U on Sunday to replace one of my RT-N66U. I used the superb User NVRAM Save/Restore by john9527 to get up and running leterally within minutes. All worked like a charm. Until today, a whopping 1.5 days later. Seems the 5Ghz Wifi "part" died (LED never...
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.66 is now available

    Sadly I am no longer able to connect remotely... I realize now my question was probably pointless, without a way to connect.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 380.66 is now available

    I just updated a remote RT-N66U to the latest 380.66_4 but after the process I was asked for a manual reboot. I guess I am out of luck now, since I can only physically access that location in about 8 weeks of time. Or is there any hope left? (I have done this kind of remote upgrade a few times...
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    SmartDNS + Android 5.1 (Lillipop) devices broken due to IPv6?

    I've been using Amazon Fire TV using a SmartDNS service for a while using my RT-N66U and AsusWRT-Merlin 380.57. This works by simply adding the Wifi to the Fire TV and manually setting the "smart" DNS IP addresses on the device. All good. I am in Asia but can watch US Amazon videos. A few...