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    Help diagnosing RT-AC68U losing WAN connection on config changes, Wifi devices connecting, etc...??

    I've always wondered why Asus routers seem to have the ISP DHCP issue that others don't. Something about their routines must have a bug, or is too picky about something that others will allow.
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    ASUS limit on manually assigned IPs

    You can try reducing the DHCP range a bit, and putting devices where you can manually configure an IP outside of that. Leave the reservations to devices you cannot manually configure.
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    Release RT-AC68U Firmware version

    I think that has been noted with the 386 series updates. It can take awhile for the GUI to work while it's doing a ton of background stuff to finish updating tables and other items.
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    Accidentally flashed RT-AX86U firmware on RT-AC86U and now unable to flash back the correct firmware

    At what point do you think it's a lost cause and time to just replace it? Consider it lesson learned on using a non-standard way to update.
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    RT-AC68U and firefox locking up

    If you think it is DoH, try disabling it and see if it fixes the issue.
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    RT-AC68U 18th January 2021 Firmware version

    Anything to look for if I update from the last 385 to this version? I have no guest network or AiMesh or fancy setup. Just basic home router stuff.
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    Status Lights Missing?

    Isn't there a physical switch and/or setting to turn them on and off?
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    How to log Asus Android app out of router?

    I just installed the Asus app on my phone. I logged into the router. The problem is, it seems to be permanently logged in. Anyone can make changes to the router if they have access to the phone. How do I require a login whenever the app is opened?
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    Has the WPS vulnerability been patched/fixed in Asus AC and AX routers?

    I'm wondering if there could be a compromise setting that disables using passcodes, but still lets you use the button. That would limit security to physical access.