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    Ipv6 Firewall Settings.

    Operating system firewall. Windows?
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 is now available

    Dirty upgrade from 384.18 to .19 on an rt- 68U. Everything is fine.
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    Asus RT-AC5300 Cooling?

    RT-AC68U After installing the fans temp went down from low 90s to Temperatures 2.4 GHz: 41°C - 5 GHz: 46°C - CPU: 60°C My computer room is very hot in the summer. I attached 2 old cpu fans, 12 v.
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    IPv6 connection type

    I believe that the passthrough option forwards all ipv6 dhcp requests direct to your ISP. Native option is manage by the router.
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    RT86U intermittent (almost daily) disconnections, ethernet + wifi

    Have you tried contacting your ISP and asking them to check your connection? Or reset the cable modem, for starter. Does it have a web interface?
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    Printer (LAN connected) not found via WIFI.

    mister: it doesn't work like that. You never mentioned why you are using a cable Assuming your printer is wifi. 1-disconnect the cable 2-run the setup file and reinstall the printer wirelessly. 3- know is connected by WIFI to the router. 4- note the IP address 5- discover the printer in each...
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    How to check RAM frequency (overclock)

    Sorry. How's your router temp with the overclocking. Any active cooling?
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    How to check RAM frequency (overclock)

    Sorry I just came across this thread: nvram get clkfreq Get you cpu and memory clock.
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    NextDNS Installer

    Gattaca said: When using NextDNS disable ALL 3, b/c it interferes with NextDNS or if you MANUALLY configured your router for NextDNS and do not use the client, then you should disable these for sure. Keep all 3 ENABLED, b/c NextDNS client will disable them when it starts. You want to do this...
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    AC86U router temperature

    For CPU cat /proc/dmu/temperature
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    Pros/Cons of enabling IPv6

    I've running an HE 6in4 tunnel since 2009, no problems. My browsers are IPv6 by default, most sites are dual stack(including this forum) and I connect over IPv6. The AC 68 router works flawlessly. I like adventure!!!
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    Often times when rebooting router, router hangs/crashes requiring manual reboot

    It happened to my AC68 when I upgraded to 384.16, lock me out everytime I hit "apply" or reboot. I needed to reset to factory 4 times. Back to .15 and everything normal. 2 suspects Dual wan and DOT. I disabled dual wan and modify DOT servers so I'm going to try again .16.
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    Pros/Cons of enabling IPv6

    Running 6in4 tunnel for years with no problem. This very forum is fully IPv6 by default as Google. Facebook, wikipedia, the guardian and many more.