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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 384.19 is now available

    Dirty upgrade from 384.18 to .19 on an rt- 68U. Everything is fine.
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    IPv6 connection type

    I believe that the passthrough option forwards all ipv6 dhcp requests direct to your ISP. Native option is manage by the router.
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    RT86U intermittent (almost daily) disconnections, ethernet + wifi

    Have you tried contacting your ISP and asking them to check your connection? Or reset the cable modem, for starter. Does it have a web interface?
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    Printer (LAN connected) not found via WIFI.

    mister: it doesn't work like that. You never mentioned why you are using a cable Assuming your printer is wifi. 1-disconnect the cable 2-run the setup file and reinstall the printer wirelessly. 3- know is connected by WIFI to the router. 4- note the IP address 5- discover the printer in each...
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    How to check RAM frequency (overclock)

    Sorry. How's your router temp with the overclocking. Any active cooling?
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    How to check RAM frequency (overclock)

    Sorry I just came across this thread: nvram get clkfreq Get you cpu and memory clock.
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    NextDNS Installer

    Gattaca said: When using NextDNS disable ALL 3, b/c it interferes with NextDNS or if you MANUALLY configured your router for NextDNS and do not use the client, then you should disable these for sure. Keep all 3 ENABLED, b/c NextDNS client will disable them when it starts. You want to do this...
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    AC86U router temperature

    For CPU cat /proc/dmu/temperature
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    Pros/Cons of enabling IPv6

    I've running an HE 6in4 tunnel since 2009, no problems. My browsers are IPv6 by default, most sites are dual stack(including this forum) and I connect over IPv6. The AC 68 router works flawlessly. I like adventure!!!
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    Often times when rebooting router, router hangs/crashes requiring manual reboot

    It happened to my AC68 when I upgraded to 384.16, lock me out everytime I hit "apply" or reboot. I needed to reset to factory 4 times. Back to .15 and everything normal. 2 suspects Dual wan and DOT. I disabled dual wan and modify DOT servers so I'm going to try again .16.
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    Pros/Cons of enabling IPv6

    Running 6in4 tunnel for years with no problem. This very forum is fully IPv6 by default as Google. Facebook, wikipedia, the guardian and many more.
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.17 (and 384.13_8) are now available

    Dirty flashed my 68U from .16 to .17 with no issues. Great work!
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    Assigning client names

    Yes is the best way. But you need to be careful with the amount of devices you add because reduces the free NVRAM memory. In my ac68 with just 4 devices are using 57312 out of 65536 bytes. A couple months ago I needed to reset the router because ran out of NVRAM with 8 devices. Using the 384.16 BTW.