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  1. bluzfanmr1

    FlexQoS FlexQoS - Asus RTAC86U - Huge UPLOAD BufferBloat

    To me, is very inconsistent and flaky. Have you tried another site? What about See how close your loaded and unloaded latency are.
  2. bluzfanmr1

    Looking for the "cheapest" AC router that will support DD-wrt

    Also, you'll be treated much better on this forum if you have any questions or issues.
  3. bluzfanmr1

    AC86U overheats with fw 386

    The router will recognize a usb hub/splitter if you need more ports.
  4. bluzfanmr1

    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Does "believing the science" include making up fake statements that never happened?
  5. bluzfanmr1

    Limited WAN throughput on Asus AC5300 (running merlin 386.1)

    In this picture hardware acceleration is diabled as its incompatible with IP Traffic. If you disable IP Traffic and enable hw acceleration does it work? EDIT: Sorry I misread your statement. IP Traffic should be on the QoS or Traffic tab and HW Acceleration on the LAN, Switch Control tab.
  6. bluzfanmr1

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    I believe this is outdated advice as stated previously here. The firmware version of UPNP is secure and it is unnecessary to turn it on and off. Of course, it's up to each individual how they want to deal with it.
  7. bluzfanmr1

    AC-1900P on sale at Newegg

    That was one of Newegg's Deal of the Day items yesterday. Unfortunately you have to snag it that day to get the special price.
  8. bluzfanmr1

    Windows 10 PC and frequent dhcp requests

    Toggle "Hide DHCP/RA queries" to Yes under the DHCP Server tab.
  9. bluzfanmr1

    Diversion Comms failure after update to 386.1 - RT-AC3100

    I got that too yesterday. I had to re-enter my password and that fixed it.
  10. bluzfanmr1

    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    The last 2 days, since switching to the develop branch, it looks like FlexQoS has stopped working at a similar time each day and I have the following messages that repeat endlessly unti I restart the script: Feb 4 16:57:59 RT-AC66U_B1 FlexQoS: TC Modification Delay reached maximum 300 seconds...
  11. bluzfanmr1

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 is now available

    I would leave Enable IGMP Snooping enabled as it optimizes wireless multicast traffic. I would also try forgetting the network connection on each Apple device and recreate a new one since the router was reset. Have you tried using a wireless survey program to see what channels are being used...
  12. bluzfanmr1

    FlexQoS FlexQoS 1.2 - Flexible QoS Enhancement Script for Adaptive QoS

    Running the develop branch and switched to fq_codel and getting all A+'s for bufferbloat and the lowest latency numbers (unloaded and loaded) I've ever had on Thanks for your work on this!
  13. bluzfanmr1

    Beta RT-AC68U Beta Version

    iOS always does customer betas.
  14. bluzfanmr1

    Unbound [Release] v3.22

    I swear it wouldn't update after trying several times, but one can only conclude it was PEBKAC!