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    The readme.txt says I need to now use for RT-AC66U_B1 (use the RT-AC68U firmware). I tried to install the latest version of RT-AC68U firmware and got an error "wrong firmware" message. I then tried upgrading N66U from current v 380.61 to the last/latest FW (v380.70) before upgrade to the AC68U...
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    Same IP after Tunnelblick connect OpenVPN

    Tunnelblick is giving me the message that my IP address has not changed and therefore I may not be connected correctly. Here are the logs. any ideas? Jun 1 12:57:45 openvpn[1650]: TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET], sid=e4093f8d 0979d24d Jun 1 12:57:46...
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    OpenVPN where is ca.crt certificate file for download

    The client I am using want this file. ANy ideas on where I can download from. All I see is the .ovpn export which isnt being excepted by my client.
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    OpenVPN message of same external IP address after connection

    The message goes on to say I may not be connected via VPN. I am using Tunnelblick. Here are the logs. May 31 13:13:06 openvpn[1650]: TLS: Initial packet from [AF_INET], sid=93ced3ba 82588fff May 31 13:13:07 openvpn[1650]: VERIFY OK...
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    RT-N66U 5GHZ only connects at 20GHZ Setting.

    so I uploaded an old config file after the back-up i just made didnt work and for whatever reason I am able to change to 40mhz now. Go figure! Thanks for the help.
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    RT-N66U 5GHZ only connects at 20GHZ Setting.

    Same problem after minimal and manual configuration
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    TunnelBlick: Waiting for server response message

    Yes I am trying to connect from within LAN
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    RT-N66U 5GHZ only connects at 20GHZ Setting.

    All Alphanumeric. Yes. And I just upgraded to latest release of Merlin and still have same problem
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    RT-N66U 5GHZ only connects at 20GHZ Setting.

    I created a new 5GHZ SSID and still cant connect to 40MHZ. I am using a MBPr 2013 so it shouldn't be a HW problem. I tried using iPhone 6 and it said password was incorrect (which it wasn't). I changed the password in the router and still get the password incorrect message from iphone. MBPr...
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    TunnelBlick: Waiting for server response message

    Here are my logs. ANy idea why this this is happening? I still have internet connectivity but dont think I'm going through VPN. May 30 16:38:03 kernel: eth1: received packet with own address as source address May 30 16:38:26 openvpn[9413]: [UNDEF] Inactivity timeout (--ping-restart)...
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    RT-N66U 5GHZ only connects at 20GHZ Setting.

    My 2.4 is at 40MHZ on a separate SSID. When I change the bandwidth of the 5ghz to either 40ghz or 20/40ghz the wireless client is unable to connect. I change it back to 20 and everything works fine. Any ideas? All other settings are AUTO.
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    How do I download OpenVPN Config file .ovpn?

    Trying to set-up OpenVPN using Tunnelblick. The client is asking for a config file but I cant see where in the router I can generate that. Any help or suggestions would be appreciated.
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    RT-N66U to RT-AC68U > Restore Config Possible?

    Hello, I have a RT-N66U with extensive configurations made (DHCP Reservations, PF, etc) that I do not want to recreate in a new router. If I buy the RT-AC68U can I restore the config backup settings from the 66? Thanks
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    Tools - Other - Save history location for Log Files

    I loaded the F/W and have been trying to get the persistent & advanced logging feature to work with a USB drive. I set a folder named "log" and told the F/W to look at directory.../4GB_USB/log/ (also tried just "/log/") Permissions are set to R/W. I checked both radio button for: a)...
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    Engenious EAP-350 - EZ Zone Controller Experience

    Just confirmed with Engenious Tech support "beta" EZ Zone Controller software will not work with EAP-350 f/w 1.1 (latest for EAP-350). Support Engineer was nice enough (after email sent me and said he only had access to an EAP-300 (100mps) and they needed to apply a 1.2 f/w upgrade for EZ...