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  1. brummygit

    Input on ways to implement IOT network

    If Guest Network 1 worked for everyone that would be great, but I'm one of those that has issues when I try to enable it. The other challenge is that some of my IOT devices are ethernet connected - the Philips Hue Bridge for example has no WiFi capability, therefore there needs to be a solution...
  2. brummygit

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    In Cake, and the standalone implementation you can set zero bandwidth in a single direction to achieve unlimited in that direction. I'm looking to achieve that so I have bandwidth shaping on my upload but unlimited on my download as my ISP seems to manage the inbound contention quite well, and...
  3. brummygit

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Not quite. Zero turns off the bandwidth shaping but leaves the queue management elements functioning. Auto Bandwidth is where Cake tries to calculate the bandwidth and shape to that - which isn’t very successful. It means you can turn off downstream shaping but leave upstream active. Both...
  4. brummygit

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Hi @RMerlin - I just tried to turn off download shaping in Cake by setting the bandwidth value to zero ( 0 ). Unfortunately the field validation doesn't allow this despite the error message saying that 0 is a valid entry.
  5. brummygit

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Might be a long shot, but during the betas I had a similar issue with some of my devices which wouldn't connect to my AX86Us until I turned off universal beamforming.
  6. brummygit

    Guest Network 1 on 386.2 Beta 3

    Hhhmm, it’s really a mixed bag then. Maybe the difference is that I’m using a RT-AX88U as my main router. Not sure why that would have an impact though. If I can get some time with everyone offline, I might try swapping in an AX86U and see if my experience is better.
  7. brummygit

    Guest Network 1 on 386.2 Beta 3

    Thanks, I wasn’t sure whether the 386.42095 GPL was known good or bad. I’ll wait a bit longer then.
  8. brummygit

    YazFi YazFi v4.x

    Hello, I've arrived here searching for help with my IOT device connectivity. I have a number of 2.4Ghz devices including CCTV cameras connected to my network that rely on AiMesh nodes for their connectivity as my main router is in the centre of my home. I have been suffering from poor 2.4Ghz...
  9. brummygit

    Guest Network 1 on 386.2 Beta 3

    I've asked previously but not got any real answer, but can anyone confirm the state of Guest Networks on the latest Merlin 386.2 Beta 3? I am trying to use: Guest Network 1 Distributed to all AiMesh Nodes No Intranet Access I am seeing high latency and some packet loss when I connect to the...
  10. brummygit

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    On this version my IOT devices definitely won't connect to 2.4Ghz unless I disable Universal Beamforming (which I know is good practice anyway) but even then I find that they are reluctant to use the RT-AX86U when other nodes are available with weaker signals. This is the case even after...
  11. brummygit

    AiMesh and Smart Connect

    My experience is that you can independently enable or disable the WIFI radios on your main router in professional WIFI settings, and the AiMesh nodes using the node management features. As @OzarkEdge says, Smart Connect is to steer your clients between 2.4Ghz and 5Ghz bands. Even with this...
  12. brummygit

    New RT-AX86U firmware

    My 2.4Ghz cameras and other IOT devices have been reluctant to use the RT-AX86Us on this version. They prefer my RT-AX88U which has a much weaker signal. I did a full reset last night and some wouldn't connect at all until I disabled Universal Beamforming although this hasn't always been...
  13. brummygit

    AX86U nest thermostats not connecting - common problem

    This is an interesting thread as I have been experiencing some strange issues with the latest Merlin 386.2 Betas in my network. I have problems with Ring Cameras and a Nest Camera not wanting to connect to my RT-AX86U nodes and often devices seem to prefer to connect to my RT-AX88U main router...
  14. brummygit

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    Apologies in advance, I have what is probably a stupid question, but I have lost track. Is Guest Network 1 distributed to the AiMesh nodes with intranet access disabled expected to work at the moment, or is it still known to be broken? I've tried and simply switching on the guest network (no...
  15. brummygit

    AX58 or AX68?

    I watched Amazon UK for mine. They received a few in stock, but you have to be quick as I picked up 2 but they sold their stock within about 6 hours. They seem to get frequent deliveries though. Great routers BTW