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    VPN Nube - Speed Question

    Using a VPN from other providers you should be able to get speeds higher than 100 Mbps. I have a 200/10 connection and I get near line speeds while running a VPN on my AC86 though the speeds fluctuate during the day. If you run the VPN application on your PC and the provider supports...
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    VPN speed

    The AC86 is capable of giving you near line speeds using a VPN client with the following caveats: 1. Your VPN provider has sufficient bandwidth to support all the connections they have sold. 2. The VPN server is within a reasonable distance. If you are physically located in NYC and are...
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    Wired Router Recommendation For Symmetrical Gigabit WAN

    I have been using a Qotom for a couple of years and it has been rock solid. If it fails keep an old router on hand that you can press into service until a replacement Qotum arrives.
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    ASUS RT-AC86U - ExpressVPN disconnecting

    Are you modifying the settings from from Express VPN? I have found that simply downloading the OVPN file from either StrongVPN or PIA and then uploading it into the client within Merlin's firmware works fine. All I add is my username and password. Previously I tried a number of custom...
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    Safe setup of an additional “dangerous” LAN which has a Server

    I'm not sure what you are showing would work for router 3 where you feed it from the main router to a LAN port and in turn show it feeding a switch from the WAN port. By connecting main router from a LAN to a LAN port it effectively becomes an AP and the WAN port could either be another LAN...
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    Can I segregate the different LAN ports?

    If you don't have success scripting VLANs or the time to experiment you can always buy a smart switch for $25 on which VLANs can be quickly setup using the GUI.
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    Safe setup of an additional “dangerous” LAN which has a Server

    What you are setting up is a classic double NAT. The simplest way is to make your plan works is make C your Internet facing router then connect A & B routers to LAN ports on the C router and a WAN port on both A & B. A and B can access C devices but C can't access devices on either A or B...
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    Using a GT5300 as a router/switch now that I have run a cable - don't need AiMesh anymore

    The easiest solution is set your GT5300 up as an AP. Should be able to select this operating mode on the Admin tab. Then turn its radios off. It will effectively be working as a switch. Another option is disable DHCP on the GT5300 and turn the radios off. It will be working as switch.
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    VPN Custom Configuration space limited after upgrade :(

    Glad they are beneficial for your setup. I started off using additional settings but seeing no benefits just use the default OVPN files provided and have no issues with stability and my speeds are nearly line speeds.
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    VPN Custom Configuration space limited after upgrade :(

    Just curious if any of the additions you add in custom configurations actually make any difference? If they do for you what settings are you adding that actual change anything I have tried various suggested changes on Astrill, PIA and Strong and I could never measure any speed differences and...
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    OpenVPN service stuck on AC86U 384.19

    I save a copy of the config file on my NAS so if I need it it is readily available. This annoyance goes back several versions at least so hard to know if it will be corrected anytime soon particularly since while the problem isn't uncommon it doesn't seem to effect everyone running a server.
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    OpenVPN service stuck on AC86U 384.19

    A somewhat common issue. Even though the wheel is spinning it does not impact the ability to connect to the server from the outside. Easiest fix or least a way to stop the spinning wheel is just click on apply at the bottom of the page. The wheel goes away for a few days or even longer.
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    Any non-ASUS solutions for full-home WiFi with many Ethernet devices on different levels of the home?

    If you don't subscribe to CATV or satellite then DECA is a good option. If you do have a video service then MOCA can work very well and a downside is that the adapters are more expensive than DECA.
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    Any non-ASUS solutions for full-home WiFi with many Ethernet devices on different levels of the home?

    Do you have any coaxial cable in your home that could be used for either MOCA or DECA connections?
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    what is the best wireless consumer router for security?

    I run two or three VPN clients on my AC86 and also a VPN server and have no problems with stability. That being said VPN clients connecting to commercial VPN servers and providing security is as much hype as actual security. VPNs are only really secure if you control both ends of the...