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    Couple Questions about OpenVPN

    If you upgrade/switch to Merlin's enhanced firmware on your ASUS router then what you want to do can easily be accomplished through the GUI. With the stock firmware on an ASUs router not possible or at least easily possible.
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    RT-AX86U unknown device COMPAL INFORMATION (KUNSHAN) CO shown in Network map list

    Better yet go into wireless MAC filter and block the device on both the 2.4 Ghz & 5 Ghz radios then wait to see who complains about no Internet access.
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    System Name?

    I am not sure you really have a problem other than auto fill picking up the old host name. My AC86 which replaced my AC1900P considers its host name (RT-AC1900P-C3F0) both in the GUI and when I putty in. I never tried to restore settings from my AC1900P to the AC86 which replaced it. The...
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    How do I test a LAN?

    What are you interested in testing for? If you want to test and see that the link rate is 1 gig just plug a switch that is gig capable into the far end of a run and if the indicators light up as 1 gig then your cable run is probably fine, but do check the indicators at both ends just to be...
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    VPN policy routing management: per client versus centralized?

    I would prefer (A) a centralized location where LAN devices could be assigned to a particular client. I currently run two clients.
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    Switch for more ports

    Keep in mind that one of the switch's Ethernet ports will be used for the uplink from the router and you will have to use one of the Ethernet ports on your router to feed the switch. Therefore if you are currently using all the Ethernet ports on your router, an 8 Port switch only nets you...
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    Disadvantages of Access Points vs, AiMesh

    I think a better question is what are the advantages of MESH system vs. an AP particularly if you an Ethernet connection from your router to the AP or the MESH nodes. Also in some cases a double NAT might suit your situation better.
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    Slow VPN speed after FW Update from 384.19 to 386.2_4 ASUS RT-AC86U

    Basically the same results I experienced. New OVPN files from either Astrill or PIA didn't resolve issue. As I only connect IoT devices to the VPN on my AC86 and not getting any useful support tips for my VPN providers I switched to StrongVPN which was slightly better but still less than...
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    PoE Injector vs. PoE switch

    If you decide to use a POE switch you need to be sure it supplies the correct voltage for the device it will be powering remotely. You also need to take into account the distance from the POE switch to the remotely powered device. If the distance results in to great a voltage drop then you may...
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    How to airprint from VPN router subnetwork to printer on main ISP router network

    Your best option maybe to look at Google print or if Brother offers an option like Epson the device you want to print from sends the print job by email to a server that in turn send the print job to your printer. Epson print works very well and my wife uses it frequently to print from her...
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    Asus routers hardware acceleration

    While in the past the AC86 could acheive VPN client download speeds of 200+ Mbps when using PIA but currently the speeds are not that high. One factor that seems to influence your VPN speed is the download speed from your ISP. Higher download speeds tend to put a greater load on the router...
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    DS120j NAS

    I just tried installing that package on my DS120J and had no issues. The install went OK but the definition update has been running for 45 minutes so apparently there is an issue.
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    YazFi YazFi v4.x

    Might be. Not as big of a PITA with your app to easily restore static DHCP assignments. Will have to wait until wife gone for the afternoon sometime to reduce the shouting that the Internet is down. Thanks for looking.
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    YazFi YazFi v4.x

    I will have time this weekend to check. I reverted back to 2-2 which resolved the issue and also a couple of other nagging issues I had while on 2-4. Thanks for taking a look.
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    YazFi Incorrect IP address allocation

    That is not necessarily true. I need to look at the DHCP lease section and there the device shows the correct IP. The WiFi lease is a mixed bag.