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    [AC86U 386.3.2] VPN Speeds Slower than Before -> Culprit seems to be AiProtection

    Check this thread:
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    Manjaro is crashing AC86U router when connecting after reboot (Manjaro forums suggested posting here)

    Inspect your Network manager in Manjaro, check to see that IP4 and IP6 are set to auto. Have you applied any specialized settings to the router? edit: could it be related to this kernel module issue with Realtek?
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    RT-AC86U Upgrade FW to 386.3_2 Issues

    Did you think that because the new router was the same as the old router you could just configure it the same and it would all be easy peasy? Anyway, the host key verification failed. Check out this and/or google The fingerprint for the ECDSA key sent by the remote host... for yourself. Not too...
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    Asus RT-AC86U Constantly losing connection

    Thats on the system page, general tab, right above the log window. It sounds like your router is dropping/unsyncing the connection to the WAN link. Those wlceventd notices aren't telling us much about the cause. Are you running any add ons or scripts? Vlans, iptv? Intersting log re: bcm_mcast ...
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    Asus RT AC 86U,can I upgrade to Merlin firmware?

    No, you are already into the 386 codebase, you might as well go for it.
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    Advice AX11000 vs AXE1100 what to buy

    Costco has this one: It's a beauty!
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    Intermittent internet disconnects on AX86U

    I've got Spectrum and have had similar symptoms in the last week, turns out it is due to T3 and T4 timeouts between the modem and Spectrum, which I could clearly see in the modem's logs (Arris Surfboard). I'm pretty sure it's their maintenance and not the wiring coming into the house. I take...
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    Diversion Diversion not working

    The developer for Diversion still has a great site up here. Start over and follow the directions there. I think he still supports Diversion so you may be able to contact him via the site, otherwise a lot of folks still use Diversion in this forum.
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    Ac86u Help! Refused connection multiple devices

    Just clarifying, your asus router is connected at the WAN port from the Virgin modem's LAN port. The Virgin modem is connected to the WAN. It sounds like you have independent wifi networks, doing their own thing. Does it work just to use the Virgin Hub in router mode w/wifi, without all this...
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    Upgrading RT-AC66U to either RT-AX68U or RT-AX86U, worth it?

    Skip the $800 Ruckus AP's and consider a $60 TP link AP.
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    Upgrading RT-AC66U to either RT-AX68U or RT-AX86U, worth it?

    This is my setup too. Unless you want and all in one router to take over the routing functions from Pfsense, you may be better served and save a lot of money by looking at pure access point devices that meet your wifi needs. I don't need any wifi capabilities beyond what my AC86U capably...
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    Asuswrt merlin - AX88

    I believe so. There are third party scripts that may be a work around, Flexqos, Cake.. Please note that users are required to agree to share their information before using DDNS, Remote Connection (ASUS Router APP、Lyra APP、AiCloud、AiDisk), AiProtection, Traffic analyzer, Apps analyzer, Adaptive...
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    Asuswrt merlin - AX88

    No. You have to withdraw the agreement in the Administration->Privacy tab of the gui as usual. That's suppose to do it.
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    The Uptime Contest

    Current ambient temp is 27C. Getting ready for a quarterly restart.