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    Trednet 2.5 NIC issues?

    Turns out that the problem was my switch, note that my computers and other things are plugged into this switch. No switch, a lot of things don't get internet. I believe the Trendnet nic that I have installed now was working the whole time, but it wasn't getting connection because my switch...
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    Trednet 2.5 NIC issues?

    Yeah, Realtek chip. Any thoughts? Had something to do with my switch not working. Made sure everything was plugged in and presto, stuff starts working
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    Trednet 2.5 NIC issues?

    I installed a Trendnet 2.5 Nic into my rig today, replacing a Gig nic I had in there for years. It detects it hardware wise, but it's acting like I have no internet. What do I do to get this going? I installed both the driver from the disk and a downloaded driver from the site. Neither worked...
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    This is why ASUS items are overpriced.

    Some of these already exist, for better or worse. But I'll take that last one! :)
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    Multi Port 2.5Gbe Switch

    Bought one of these to replace my Gig switch: QNAP QSW-M408-4C 10GbE Managed Switch, with 4-Port 10GbE SFP+/RJ45 Combo and 8-Port Gigabit No issues since. I'm loving it.
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    Using 68U and AC86Us with AT&T Fiber Gateway

    Hurricane Ida sent me on an unwelcome vacation and I have a friend that has an AT&T Fiber Gateway. BGW210-700. Previously, she had unreliable cable, but was using 2 AC86Us and a 68U in AIMesh configuration, to do her wifi, which was amazing. Now she has this gateway, with less amazing wifi...
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    Looking to replace ASUS 1900p

    Look for the ASUS AX86U. It's been recommended by many here and I use it myself with no problems. It's out of stock, but there you go. It'll take anything you throw at it for the next few years at least, maybe more depending on what your...
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    Asus AX router recommendation for friend.

    Convince him to spend the money and go for the AX86U. He'll easily get 3-5 years out of it. I've tortured mine several times and get the total of 1.4 Gigs my connection puts out. It handles it fine. I also have a friend who has one and has 10+ people connecting to it regularly, each with...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Still couldn't get in, so I broke down and reset button'd it. During initial setup, no Captcha and using your instructions, I turned that exercise in irritation off. Hope I never see that damned thing again.
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    That was a thought. Went and did that. Nope. Though, clearing things did give me the capcha box immediately now. Who at Asus thought adding a capcha box to login was a good idea? I'd love to send them a few choice words.
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Upgraded from _2 to _4 and it locked me out of my router, saying username and password is invalid and it gives me a damned capcha box that doesn't work either. I thought Merlin didn't use that in his FW versions? Anyone else seeing this and how do you get past it? I'm using a AX86U, btw.
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    AX86U Asus phone app not working?

    Today, I upgraded from an AC86U to the AX version and woo, does it move. I'm running 384.9318 since Merlin isn't released yet and the 386 beta isn't done cooking yet. While the router itself works great, the Asus phone app on Android, not so much. It recognizes the new router and the beating I'm...
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    Is the RT-AX86U Mature & Free of Systemic Bugs?

    I came from a N66U as well, upgraded to a AC86U, 3 years in April of 21 with no complaints so far. During this week, my best friend came from a 6 year old AC87U that definitely had some issues to a AX86U and wow, what a difference in his experience. With the AX86U, his speed and range doubled...
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    Merlin firmware for the new RT-AX86U?

    My apologies. I was not aware you weren't in the US and I have little experience with ISPs outside the US, though I have heard of Salt. You're damned lucky. I have Comcast and I am extremely jealous of your good fortune while I did have a Gig connection, your 10 Gig blows that away. We don't...
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    Merlin firmware for the new RT-AX86U?

    10 Gig Fiber? Are you serious? If so, you're far beyond Asus routers and into Enterprise gear or building your own PFSense box with some pretty beefy hardware, to use as a router