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  1. Clark Griswald

    Skynet New Release 7.2.5

    Via amtm, I updated skynet, then several "hotfixes" for other scripts. Graphs, charts, and scripts working properly (without reboot). Stay Safe Everyone
  2. Clark Griswald

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    I don't understand the numerous post regarding the flashing of the wrong fw? The few times I've "accidentally" flashed the incorrect fw (AX instead of AC), a screen notifing me of my error was displayed, and failed to load fw. PS Both my Main/AP are working well on latest fw! Stay Safe Everyone
  3. Clark Griswald

    RT-AX86U - SMB from Windows fails on Corsair GTX

    I too was on a windows computer utilizing diskgenius, when I experienced my difficulties. I had to blame the usb drive, since Windows is never to blame ;)
  4. Clark Griswald

    RT-AX86U - SMB from Windows fails on Corsair GTX

    I had the Corsair Voyager GTX (2018), and it was bulky and ran hot. I had difficulties trying to format due to a mfg partition which could not be erased. Verified purchase date via Amazon, and the price is $2 more today, than 2018, which seems expensive. Stay safe Everyone
  5. Clark Griswald

    Which VPN?

    Vanilla :p Stay Safe Everyone
  6. Clark Griswald

    ASUS AX88U $300

    @Gar This is just between the two of us, but I read that RMerlin is working on an unannounced router, which may make AX88/AX86 prices drop. I know "not true without a link", but I can't remember which forum he posted. EDIT: Recent post from RMerlin re undisclosed router
  7. Clark Griswald

    ASUS AX88U $300

    Sadly, Dec 2019 prices as low as $249 Stay Safe Everyone
  8. Clark Griswald

    [Release] vnStat-on-Merlin - UI, CLI and email - data use and data limit monitoring - R1

    Verify new Roomba standards are met : RMerlin Post
  9. Clark Griswald

    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Curious if Tim will add Roomba connectivity to his wifi testing analysis ;) PS: Zero complaints from The Family, since upgrade to RMerlin's latest fw! Stay Safe Everyone
  10. Clark Griswald

    Unbound unbound_manager (Manager/Installer utility for unbound - Recursive DNS Server) - General questions / discussion thread 2

    @JT Strickland Griswald Approved: Easy to understand and follow directions. Unbound I recently did a clean install of my scripts, and utilized amtm for all the installs :) Stay Safe Everyone
  11. Clark Griswald

    OT - surviving pandemic from personal experience (no trolling, PLEASE)

    I am fully vaccinated with the Moderna as of March, and The Wife only received her first dose of Moderna two weeks ago. Luckily, both of us only experienced a sore arm at the injection site, and none of the reported serious side effects. Edit: Removed personal info at The Wife's Request. Stay...
  12. Clark Griswald

    ntpMerlin What is ntpMerlin?

    I'm just going to leave this right here for your (and everyone else's) consideration: To speak in the vernacular of today's youth: Science is cool, bruh :cool:
  13. Clark Griswald

    ntpMerlin Addons page blank 386.2_beta3

    A "raft of updates" is significantly smaller than a "boatload". Stay Safe Everyone
  14. Clark Griswald

    amtm amtm step-by-step install guide - L&LD

    Hope that you are able to overcome both obstacles, soon! Although I am not a "licensed" physician, I suggest a Vacation ;) Everyone Stay Safe
  15. Clark Griswald

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 Beta is now available

    @alex1236hk @Matthew Patrick Take your steamy hot temp talk to the appropriate forum ;) PS: My Main/AP are running great on latest fw! Stay Safe Everyone