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    OpenVPN Server using Android USB Tether

    Do i need to set something up on the Nexus 6P (or install an app) to forward traffic to the AC86U or does this happen automatically for USB tethered phone? How do I translate the dynamic WAN IP on the phone (provided by mobile operator) to the private WAN IP which is on the router to get it to...
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    OpenVPN Server using Android USB Tether

    Yes it is with Three UK and it has a public IP stated if I use on the phone (or other device connected via the AC86U)
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    OpenVPN Server using Android USB Tether

    I am in process of removing my fibre connection as my primary WAN and using USB Android phone tether as my primary (and only) internet connection. I have successfully set this up and I am achieving faster speeds through my unlimited 4G data connection than through my landline (pings are...
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    N66U - No remote access using after openvpn client is connected.

    I am having the same issue with AC68U running Merlin firmware I have successfully got the OpenVPN client connected to PIA and running fine. I have DDNS service running ( and this correctly maps my ISP provided ip to the PIA ip. I can successfully connect to the router using DDNS...