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    ASUS RT-AC88U Firmware version

    Tried again on Thursday, and it was fine.
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    ASUS RT-AC5300

    No, I haven't noticed this. It's just always worked, but I will admit that I've never paid any attention to which band the respective devices are using when I'm using AirPlay.
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    (ALPHA) Asus RT-AC5300 Firmware Ver.

    All my clients show up as wired, which they're not. I do like the new icons, though.
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    RT-N66U/AC56U/AC66U/AC68U/AC87U/_3.0.0.4_378_6065- Firmwares

    I had the same problem. I could configure multiple settings, but it would always hang up on the second to last setting, or so, that I wanted to do. I can't count the number of hard resets I tried. I'll just wait until the official release.