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    Diversion Large Diversion Filter List

    I agree on my 5300 the large kills the router especially if your using AIMesh..
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    Is there a better way to do this?

    I guess what I’m asking is there certain settings I should use to increase speed of the vpn?
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    Is there a better way to do this?

    So I use diversion on my router. I setup an OpenVPN server so that I can use diversion adblocking on my iPhone. I notice though that on the iPhone the internet gets so slow through the VPN. Is there another way to use Diversion Adblock with your phone away from home. Meaning make the VPN Faster?
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    Should this migrate ok to director?

    So I would like to upgrade to the latest Merlin that now includes VPN Director. I have 1 OpenVPN UDP client with TigerVPN policy routing 4 clients strictly using DNS exclusive. In the custom config it says… pull tls-client script-security 2 cipher AES-256-CBC mute 10 route-delay 5...
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    Problem with AC5300

    @L&LD The only things that I do every time I set up the router following a WPS reset & your instructions. I first start to use AMTM to install Diversion (Standard), & I enable DNS-Filtering to exclude certain clients which I add to the list using Custom 1 on the clients I don't want blocked...
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    Problem with AC5300

    Yeah so obviously something is going on. Is it possible for @RMerlin to chime in on this. Is it something happening possibly only on your firmware. I’ve heard from a few people that if you change to stock it’s stable. This answer stinks and doesn’t help if you need to run scripts such as...
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    Problem with AC5300

    Yeah so I noticed that as well thats why on my nodes I have official firmware on them & only have merlin on the main router. Still the problem is happening.
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    Problem with AC5300

    So I tried your steps. Again, it's slowing after some time. Meaning it works perfect till it just stops working & then it slows for some unknown reason.
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    Problem with AC5300

    So while I appreciate this thorough step by step and I really do. The thing is I’ve done all this three times already. This would be my fourth time cause after a while the speed on my wireless nodes crawl. It isn’t happening with my wired nodes. The wired seem fine. I don’t know why this keeps...
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    Problem with AC5300

    Yeah I’m actually on stock on the nodes most recent stock and Merlin on the master when I setup with all Merlin it’s even more unstable. What im thinking of doing is running my other 5300s in media bridge and use my Orbi in AP mode for WiFi.
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    Problem with AC5300

    I can’t get this Aimesh system to work. I’m hoping someone can chime in. I only use Merlin for diversion. It seems like every time I setup the router using dns filtering and just install Aimesh the nodes I connect crawl to a halt. When I do the WPS reset on both my router and node then configure...
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    Kamoj Kamoj Add-on Beta testing II

    I would like to install the @kamoj add-on. I am very interested in what it will do to help enhance my Orbi RBK 50. I love @Voxel's firmware & also want to use this add-on for ad-blocking.
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    How do I install Kamoj on orbi

    First of all thanks @Voxel for your wonderful firmware. 2 things.. I can't install @kamoj Add-On. I try but I keep getting /opt/bin/opkg install --force-overwrite kamoj-addon_191214-083737- 1_r9000.ipx Unknown package 'kamoj-addon_191214-083737-1_r9000.ipx'. Collected errors: *...
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    RT-AC5300 or other asus routers wifi slow down after less than 24h

    I’m having this problem. I restored the firmware plus upgraded and also tried resetting with the WPS method. WiFi on my nodes are like 10-5 mbps meanwhile I connect to the main WiFi it’s 230mbps. Which is what I’m paying for 200.