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    Cool Games - From 60 to 21 at 71

    Short timeline - Bullet points - my tech life 1975 - Most important Popular Electronics - January - my first 1978 - Arp Lexington MA job - 2600 & Odyssey 1980 - DEC Ed Services - instructor - RSX-11 on PDP-11 1984 - MIT, Project Athena and IVIS (DEC) - X11 1985 - (6) Roland Juno 106 - I...
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    FIOS 1GB upgrade with ASUS RT-AX82u so no more DNS tables.

    My first post about bigger, better, faster... I just was offered FIOS 1GB so everything needed to be sped up in my LAN. I added 5 Cat-6 and two cheap 1GB hubs but now there is no DNS for the names of the nodes. The Verizon Actiontec had an area I could edit to rename or delete names...