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    Protecting physical interface?

    This would handle it fine. It just needs to follow the cabling and fiber for switch placement. I am not making any assumptions but I am not being definite as I have don't really know the layout. I did this for many years. I know how to do it.
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    Is Ubiquiti Unifi an upgrade from Asus Aimesh?

    I had a TP-link router once. I would never trust their firewall. I have not run their wireless and never will. I use Cisco small business networking gear and I have no issues. Their code is better written than TP-link.
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    I would expect better security for multi-thousands of dollars for enterprise gear. The difference is some of these consumer routers cost as much as small business equipment.
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    Avoid Consumer Routers

    My guess is the Cisco small business routers are patched faster and more complete than any consumer router. It does not mean problems don't crop up. I mean it overall. This is for actively supported routers not old versions which have reached end of life. Cisco publishes life cycles for...
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    Multi VLAN WLAN Networking on Cisco CBW

    A trunk port in the Cisco small business network equipment world passes all VLANs whereas in the IOS world trunk ports only pass defined VLANs to the trunk port.
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    Multi VLAN WLAN Networking on Cisco CBW

    I have not setup CBW140AC wireless APs. I have been using Cisco small business APs for many years. I always use a trunk port to my Cisco wireless APs. I usually use the default VLAN and a tagged VLAN. I have used 2 tagged VLANs but I went back to my other setup. It seems easier to use...
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    Protecting physical interface?

    That is why I said use a no DHCP network segment for the open wall. At least the spy cannot plug in and be handed an IP address. The spy will need to figure out the network structure before he can tap in. If the open wall can be setup with a point-to-point connection, then it will be hard to...
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    Why does lower priority QoS device overtake higher priority device?

    Is your QoS for both UDP and TCP traffic or is it only for UDP traffic? This is a good starting place. Next is wire is faster than wireless. You could have hesitations in your wireless which would allow the wire connection to flow faster.
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    Mesh Vs. AP

    Wire is always faster than wireless. Even when wireless reaches the speeds of wired the latency will be lower on the wire so it will still be faster.
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    Cisco Killing my network

    Try only plugging in the Cisco switch to the router. Plug all other devices into the switch. If this works then you are creating a network storm somehow with the original setup. If plugging everything into just Cisco switch does not fix it then you have a configuration issue on the switch...
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    Protecting physical interface?

    You can buy a server rack with locks on the doors. Hopefully it will so heavy that no can carry it out after you put all your equipment in there. Maybe add a no DHCP network segment so someone cannot plug into the open ethernet plugs and gain access. Use manual IP addresses as that would...
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    Netgear router 50ms latency more than direct to modem.

    I think you don't know what you are doing. You need to do everything by IP. DNS should even factor into the test. DNS speed is a different topic. If you changed QOS for ping or anything like it will have an impact on ping. Factory reset router and use ping with an IP address. And don't...
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    Netgear Routers Need to be on the latest Firmware

    All I am saying is Cisco fixes all their vulnerabilities unless the equipment is EOL(end of life). There are always issues. It just how well the company stands behind their products.
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    router advice with Ruckus R500 APs (Unleashed)

    I did that when I was younger, I ended up regretting it every time I went away from Cisco except for Untangle. I am still running Cisco WAP581 APs. They work well enough. I still need a Cisco 2.5 gig L3 switch for the WAP581 APs.
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    Netgear Routers Need to be on the latest Firmware

    Those are old Cisco RV routers not supported any more. They reached EOL a long time ago. Cisco tracks all that stuff which is a good thing. I just upgraded my firmware about a month ago for a vulnerability Cisco patched for. Some people choose to run EOL Cisco hardware as it is good stuff so...