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    Occasional loss of IPv6 router advertisements

    Is there anything in the logs about dhcp6c when this happens, if the start_dhcp6c event is being skipped you'll lose IPv6. Does restarting the client (or even just the network adapter) fix the problem, there could have been a change in IPv6 address but the client is still using the old gateway...
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    DDNS: how to set up ASUS (primary), No-IP (backup), and push notification?

    The "services supported by In-a-dyn but not by the Asuswrt-Merlin" bit is just using ddns-start, and running inadyn manually from there. That should work. It'd be best to check if the IP has changed yourself since it's easy enough to do, it's also worthwhile to make sure it only runs once at a...
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    Security Concern for our routers or nah?

    Asuswrt-Merlin only checks for updates, it doesn't try to download them. I'd be more concerned about custom scripts running on the router, lots of people seem to use wget --no-check-certificate without understanding what it does.
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    How to use and instead of and

    Obviously a VPN would better etc, etc... Otherwise, the only way I can see it working like you want is if you have multiple IP addresses. Using IPv6 would make it easier, but you'd be relying on both locations being IPv6 enabled.
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    An easy question?

    I think it means the device has more than one IP address assigned to it, which could happen if you set a static IP address for it while the old lease is still valid. Once the old lease expires it'll go away, but if it constantly happens to a device you might want to set a static IP for it. For a...
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    Thanks for the forum software update

    Nice to have syntax highlighting in code boxes. Just wondering if it's possible to rename or alias Bash to Shell to avoid confusion. #!/bin/sh echo "<3"
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    [Release] Asuswrt-Merlin 384.18 and 384.13_10 is now available

    Not a fan of the new menu items, I know that's on Asus' end but it seems like they're just stacking more junk on top of an already bloated UI. Can't even throw a style="display:none" on it since it's generated in javascript. I think the best place to do it is /www/require/modules/menuTree.js...
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    Printer (LAN connected) not found via WIFI.

    Maybe you have wireless isolation enabled (Wireless > Professional > Set AP Isolated).
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    [Dev] Q&A for Merlin Addons API

    There's not really any validation going on with settings, maybe you're writing a setting with a multi-line value somewhere? The easiest way I see of doing this is treating empty and unset settings the same, and deleting them internally. For example [ -n "$2" ] && echo "[email protected]" >> $_am_settings_path...
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    Script to toggle WAN

    Should be possible with the command "service restart_wan". Service commands are mostly undocumented but you can poke around the source here and find them by searching for strcmp/strncmp.
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    [RT-AC86U] Custom LetsEncrypt DDNS/TLS cert

    I think the web server uses /etc as the working location for certificates, but since it's volatile they're stored in /jffs/.cert (not sure how they're loaded, but there's a part of it here). If using /etc works for you that's fine, but storing them in /jffs would be easier (you'd only need to do...
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    [RT-AC86U] Custom LetsEncrypt DDNS/TLS cert

    First off I'd remove any certificate stuff from ddns-start, since that's for IP changes which is unrelated to certificates. I think the Free Certificate from Let's Encrypt option on the WebUI saves to /jffs/.le, but what you probably want is Import/Persistent Auto-generated which saves to...
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    enable IPV6 on merlin

    I'm not sure what the default settings are, but have you tried setting Connection type to Native on the IPv6 page? If it can figure out the settings itself, then you should be pretty much sorted.
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    RT-AC86U Api Calls

    Sounds like you want SSH?
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    How to configure static IPv6 on Asuswrt-Merlin?

    It's the "ra-names" which fixes android rather than slaac isn't it? Based off this, I think slaac is SLAAC+stateful DHCPv6, and ra-stateless is SLAAC+stateless DHCPv6. So android should work with either, and it gets its host name from the IPv4 address thanks to ra-names.