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    AC88U Crashing At Random Times

    Hey again, So I cleared the NVRAM (factory reset via the GUI), updated it to 384.17, cleared the NVRAM again (for good measure) and erased the jffs partition. The only non standard setup on there now: SNMP, OpenVPN client for my site to site, and a RoboCFG script from here which only runs once...
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    AC88U Crashing At Random Times

    I don't think I was clear here, I enabled SNMP because the router was crashing to try and diagnose it better. It's a recent addition and it was crashing before I enabled it. I thought I was on the latest firmware because the update checker didn't return anything, after you're reply I've now...
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    AC88U Crashing At Random Times

    Hey all, I've got my AC88U with the latest merlin firmware on it. Over the past couple of weeks, I've noticed random crashes and I can't put my finger on the issue. Here are the symptoms: - Web Interface is inaccessible (Cannot connect to over HTTP) - Gateway functionality is...
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    WAN Port VLAN Trunking

    I figured it out!! Putting the solution up if anyone else wants to know. It's really simple and I was over complicating it above. It's all done within robocfg. My original setup in robocfg was as below: $ robocfg show [...] 1: vlan1: 0 1 2 3 5 7 8t 2: vlan2: 4 8u I wanted Port 4 (WAN...
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    WAN Port VLAN Trunking

    Actually that might make things easier, because that means that the difference between the LAN and WAN is software based if the WAN and LAN (1-4) ports share the same chip? Surely there's something I can do within like robocfg or iproute2 or something that will allow me to send VLAN x tags to...
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    WAN Port VLAN Trunking

    Hi all, I have the AC88U with latest Merlin. Currently, I send the WAN and LAN output from the Router into a switch (Microtik) which tags the VLAN's on the ports, sends it along another single port trunked to another switch. At this second switch the WAN and LAN is separated into a modem and...
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    Routing LAN to WAN port split by VLAN

    Hi all, So I'm just wondering whether is possible to do the following on my AC88U: Route PPPoE traffic out of WAN port using a tagged VLAN (for arguments sake lets use 100) whilst also routing LAN traffic out of the same WAN port using a different VLAN (lets use 101). Whilst I'm pretty sure...
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    Slow Wi-Fi Speed on AC88U Specifically

    I have an issue with the Wi-Fi speed on my AC88U running real scenario tests. So for the purposes of the test I'm running 4 devices: ASUS AC88U (runs around 60 degrees C during testing (with cooling) - 2.4Ghz & 5Ghz, around 6 WiFi devices reported on Merlin) Macbook Pro 2016 (Wireless AC &...
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    Script for after network devices connected.

    Hi, I'm trying to get cifs to auto mount a device once the router has booted and the devices have already got their IP addresses. Currently using init-start user script and its not working which I assume is because the devices connected to the router haven't got their Ip addresses by the time...