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    Using ORBI with AC86U - recommendations

    Hi, I've been using Merlin on AC86U for a while, but I've never been fully happy with range because of the lath and plaster plus chicken wire in our walls. Had to resort to a powerline+wifi extender (yikes). Anyway, I installed an Orbi yesterday (RBK50 with the larger single satellite) and while...
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    Does Asuswrt support these features

    I think it's inaccurate to say multi wan is supported. It's hopelessly broken. It's rumored to work ok on an older baseline version of the firmware which is available for the 68u but not newer routers....
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    [beta] Dual WAN helper script (discontinued)

    I've played with Dual WAN for a couple of days now. None of the configurations I've tried have ended up working. Seems hopelessly broken on 384.3 (not saying it's Merlin that's broken -- it's identical on the latest ASUS f/w too). I thought I might try going back to the legacy 380.69_2. But I...
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    [beta] Dual WAN helper script (discontinued)

    Thanks for the explanation, and also thanks for producing the script. There seems to be a dearth of information on how to configure Dual WAN regardless, so we're left with piecing it all together from forums. Like others, I am finding that if I switch on the "ping" option (apparently called...
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    [beta] Dual WAN helper script (discontinued)

    Can someone explain this? This exact setting doesn't appear to exist on my 86u running 384.3. Instead it's "Enable WAN down browser redirect notice" and "Redirect webui access to" I'm trying to use Dual WAN with a secondary 4G stick as backup and the behavior is erratic to say...
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    Plug USB WiFi adapter into router to use as WAN?

    Hello everyone, I use WiFi as a backup WAN via a client bridge. I was wondering whether there was any way to simply plug in a WiFi adapter into a USB port and use that instead? Thanks, Dave
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    Is there a way to get custom client names using nslookup

    Colin, I was hoping not to do that since I've got a lot of devices :) But it's an ingenious workaround. I was hoping I could somehow pull the names from the custom client list and stick them into dnsmasq (as you'll be able to tell, I know just enough to be dangerous). Thanks, Dave
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    Is there a way to get custom client names using nslookup

    Hi, I've been using nslookup (on Windows) to get the name of a client using its IP address. Is there any way I can use this mechanism (or another) to get the names of the clients which I've customized in the Network Map client list. This would be super helpful to get "kitchenEcho" instead of...
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    Trying [and failing] to use dnsmasq to unblock BBC exclusively

    Hi, My interest is in watching BBC iPlayer abroad. I followed some instructions on the "DNS redirect for specific hosts" thread (many thanks to the contributors) with DNS Filtering and using an unblocking service. Unfortunately, while I've had good success with BBC, my setup often (not always)...
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    IP address not issued until modem reset - even if router rebooted

    You mention Comcast but this is very similar to what used to happen to me on Charter cable. The issue was the way that Charter blacklist the router asking for DHCP, and I resolved it by selecting "normal" vs aggressive in WAN settings. It was extremely annoying since a reboot of the router...
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    Selective Routing with Asuswrt-Merlin

    Just to be clear, I didn't expect the openvpn script to be useful, I was referring to the fact that I couldn't use it and there didn't appear to be an equivalent for other VPNs. If I read through that thread the initial re-edited post doesn't say when to use the route commands. Later in the...
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    Selective Routing with Asuswrt-Merlin

    I am using PPTP for my VPN. Got the script working fine but I wonder how to start it. ppp5 doesn't appear to exist during services-start and wan-start and I dont' get openvpn-event. Thanks in advance.
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    Best way to replace a binary

    Hi I am making changes to some code but feel nervous about rebuilding the entire code base. Is there a best practice on how to change a binary, perhaps by copying it from jffs at boot? Btw it's code for wan dhcp. Many thanks Dave