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    need new Router & check your coax ground line!

    I have had a couple of Mikrotik routers. I would recommend them over an Edgerouter. Maybe the GUI of the ER looks a bit more fancy but with Mikrotik, at least you can do everything through the GUI.
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    PC based vs Appliance? Your thoughts

    Guess that is a process we all go through. I have already downsized from from dedicated servers and a Dell MD1000 with 15 disks for pfsense, TrueNAS with Plex, TrueNAS with Nextcloud and a big fat 48p switch to one for pfsense, One DIY NAS with 4 HDD's running both Plex and Nextcloud, 4 AP's and...
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    PC based vs Appliance? Your thoughts

    In my view a critical building block to a network such as a router, should always be bare metal and in the case of pfsense, running on a single device with no other applications. Call me old fashioned but i wouldn't want any interference from anything else on the device that basically runs my...
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    Ubiquiti and Zyxel Experiences - Switching, Security, Customer Service

    No experience with Zyxel. I did have an Ubiquiti Edgerouter Light (ERL). Worked well, stable, but difficult to set up. The part using the wizard via the GUI were quite ok but all the other stuff via CLI was not my cup of tea. I never really got it running the way i wanted. Exchanged it with...
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    Cisco WAP571 all choose the same channels

    So i am reviving this thread as i do have some issues with wifi in the house since i put up the outdoor AP up several months ago. This AP is on the 140MHz channel which doesn't interfere with any other AP but still it seems that there is a specific spot in the kitchen at the counter where wifi...
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    AC 5300 support POE ?

    I have yet to see one that does, and if, POE is not enough anymore for most current devices. Even a decent AP requires POE+ nowadays.
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    Asus rt-ac88u lan port not working

    Correct, port 5-8 randomly stop working from time to time. It is a known issue with the RT-AC88u. I had the same issue which eventually led to demoting the router to an access point.
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    GiG speed issues

    Didn't know that acronym was still used. That is so "2000"...
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    Recommendations for a DIY

    I have pfsense installed on 2 SSD's in ZFS mirror. Can't do enough to keep your router from taking your whole network offline when an SSD decides to go to disk-heaven! Works like a charm.
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    This seems to generate some odd results. Says that my provider is my DNS resolver but in pfsense, i have configured and the internal DNS resolver.
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    ASUS Syslog

    starting to surf logs is a nasty thing, which i learned the hard way. Even if you do not have any issue, log entries often make you believe you do and make you spend large amounts of time chasing ghosts. A log is useful if you do experience an issue and may help you try to pinpoint the root cause.
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    Recommendations for a DIY

    I have read a bunch on the ZFS topic. From a data safety and security, it is my understanding that it's ability to monitor, identify and correct errors is unmatched. On the other hand, it is very inflexible with regards to pool setup and storage expansion which probably is related to the...
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    Recommendations for a DIY

    I have owned 2 Netgear NAS's which served me well and still own a Synology which is 8+ years and running perfectly fine, not a glitch, but it is outdated now and cannot cope with Plex or other multimedia apps let alone 4K streaming and honestly, replacing it with a new Synology that would...
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    Planning NAS replacement

    i am also still running a Synology RS214 with 2 x 4TB WD HDD's in RAID1 that is 8+ years old. Whist too slow for Plex or other modern apps, it still works perfect as a no-frills fileserver and time-machine backup for the Macbooks which i all backup to onedrive.
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    Is it possible to use Huawei B2368-66 ODU alone?

    i shiver at the thought of having anything Huawei in my network