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  1. Deldarius

    Asus routers: Bluetooth and Dexcom Continous Glucose Monitoring System

    My wife has a Dexcom CGMS and Omnipod Insulin pumps for her Diabetes. The Dexcom receiver has recently been losing it's Bluetooth connection to the the Dexcom sensor. The sensor itself is still doing it's job, but it is the receiver which is what tells her what her glucose levels are. Now there...
  2. Deldarius

    Rt ac86u constantly disconnect internet

    1. Do you have a bunch of other networks choking the WIFI channels? Y/N? If yes, then the above advice is a good start. If it's a no...go to step 2. 2. Can you get a solid connection via ethernet on that computer? Y/N? If yes, I would be looking at hardware as the possible culprit. Early...
  3. Deldarius

    erasing a nas drive permanently?

    I would love to see somebody rig up a shredder so every time something is thrown in you would hear Cookie Monster making commentary. COOOOOOKIEEEEEE!!!!!
  4. Deldarius

    RT-AC86U Upgrade to 384.17 Fails

    I had to re download the 384.17 firmware 3 or 4 times before it took. The prior copies kept failing out, they got corrupted during the dl somehow. The last copy worked...humpf, a case of FM (Freakin' Magic) as my old man would say.
  5. Deldarius

    AC86U bad WiFi performance

    OP, 1. Sounds like an interference issue of some sort. 2. You are less than 10 feet from the router. Why not do a hard line? 3. If the distance from the router was increased, is the problem still there?
  6. Deldarius

    Rt ac86u constantly disconnect internet

    I had that type of an issue back Oct-Dec time frame. Drove me nuts. The problem was the ethernet cable (came with the router) between the modem and the router went bad. Swapped it out and things have been rock solid since.
  7. Deldarius

    Is the grass greener on the ASUS side?

    It really boils down to what works for you. One person can have setup xyz and it works beautifully for them and the next guy with a similar setup...not so much. He is going prematurely bald and his doctor is telling him to start popping Lipitor like tic tacs, all because the router/network is...
  8. Deldarius

    erasing a nas drive permanently?

    LOL, gives a new meaning to "spinning rust".
  9. Deldarius

    erasing a nas drive permanently?

    While dropping drives usually works on rust, I prefer more aggressive tactics. I put on some gloves and goggles, grab a piece of plywood and stick the drives on it. Then I whip out my trusty 5lb sledge named "Malice" and proceed to turn them drives into cyberpunk maracas. A round robin of...