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    uiDivStats uiDivStats - high cpu usage

    Haha, what are the odds? About 2 weeks ago I delved into the 'add-on' arena with Diversion, YazFi & uiDivStats. The system status CPU was showing a resting state of between 20%-30% even after a few hours. I uninstalled & reinstalled uiDivStats with no change so decided to uninstall it. About...
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    Wifi gone and other problems with RT-AC86U and latest Merlin 386.1_2

    When logged in to the GUI, up the top there should be a green wifi icon along with other icons for guest network, network and USB. If not lit and no LED activity on case then yeah, most likely the radios are cooked. I had near same situation last week except in my case only the 2.4Ghz died on...