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    Dent reacted to ColinTaylor's post in the thread DFS channels question with Like Like.
    Yes, it will switch to another channel. In my experience it seems to change to a non-DFS channel (36-48), but I can't recall whether...
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    Dent posted the thread DFS channels question in ASUS Wireless.
    I have an N66U setup in AP mode (hardwired to an 86U). I have the N66U set to channel 52 which I know is a DFS channel. I chose this...
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    Dent replied to the thread Router temperatures.
    For my Asus AC86U router I just purchased the 120mm Noctua NF-F12 5V PWM fan ( I didn't bother...
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    Dent reacted to Tech9's post in the thread Router temperatures with Like Like.
    Yes, the router is passively cooled. Just a little forced air flow improves the cooling efficiency dramatically. The fan doesn't have to...
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    Just had to take a time out to reflect.... Today marks the 7th Anniversary following the first LTS fork release....I really can't...