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    Tutorial How to setup a VPN Server with Asus routers 380.68 updated 08.24

    Sure, here are two ways: 1 Configure your phone with a OpenVPN client, turn off wifi on the phone, and test from your phone. 2 If you have a mobile hotspot, or can use your phone as one. On your phone, turn off wifi. Then turn on the phone's hotspot. (you may need to configure it) Connect your...
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    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    Yeah. "Head in the sand" can be very stupid, but with some tech problems "Ignore and hope for update to fix" can be the best approach. I can't tell one from the other, though! Anyhow, I've read a few people's posts suggesting that it went away after flipping UPnP, or after assigning static, or...
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    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    No resolution for me. Just ignoring it. However, if it helps, I am NOT using Smartconnect, and have the issue on one ip cam, and on 4 vizio TVs.
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    What does the red cross under AP Mode mean?

    Same here, no dual wan, and I have TWO client AP RT-AC88U , which enabled a bit of an experiment. I had one on the firmware, and it had the red x, where the other was on older firmware, and did not. I updated the older one to , and BAM! it got a red x. Seems...
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    AP mode admin UI has a red X on it

    I have the red x, too. I have a main RT-AC88U, and two RT-AC86U running as APs. I had the red x on just one of them, which was on 45149 firmware, but not the other that was on an older firmware. Then I updated the other to 45149, now it has the red x, too. But, no problems at all in Internet...
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    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    Yes, they are. Which is problematic right now, with this problem: I wonder if there's a connection to this thread? I guess that's what you're suggesting. It's possible I have a number (just over 4) of Android phones that...
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    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    Update: to make thinks fun, now I have Vizio TVs doing the same thing. I do have four Vizios TVs. They also could be doing it as part of a wifi AND ethernet thing, but that doesn't explain FOUR showing on one IP address. WTF is going on? And my one Amcrest camera is still showing 2. All other...
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    2 clients are connecting to RT-AC87U through this device

    BTW, bear with me in this post. I'm describing my problem, but it may reveal some info about the problems you're all having with "2 clients are connecting". I have the same behavior Martineau observes, also on an Amcrest IP cam. But I have a dozen of these cams, and only have this problem on...
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    Monitoring Web Usage with Asuswrt-Merlin

    On my RT-AC88U, the Web History log is stored for each client, and located under Adaptive QoS > Web History Partial of mine has better spacing, and contains: Access Time MAC Address / Client's Name Domain Name 2017-9-20 19:00:36 Chromecast-Ultra 2017-9-20 18:59:30...