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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.2 is now available

    Are we seriously doing this yet again?... There's a separate thread for temperature chat;
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    Problem when installing Merlin firmware 2.0 or 2.2 with AC68U

    You said you had an AC router in the first post. Is it the AC68U or AX68U?
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    Can I use a DSL-AC68U as wifi extender with RT-AC68U

    I haven't had much luck with using mine as an AImesh node, but that could be due to mixing it with an AX router, so it could work well for you. I couldn't seem to get wired backhaul working on gnuton's Merlin fork, not sure if it's any different on official. In the end I just gave it a...
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    NAS and computer in one

    Unraid seems pretty popular for this kind of thing. I consolidated a NAS and a rarely used secondary gaming PC into a single machine for a while and it worked pretty well for me anyway. It's a fun little project if you enjoy that kind of thing, but you can end up going down some serious rabbit...
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    Asus DSL-AC68U replacement advise

    Your options for all in one modems + routers are pretty limited. I ended up going with a separate Vigor 130 modem as it then opens up your options to pretty much any router you want, instead of a handful of VDSL models.
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    RT-AX88u and Sky Fiber

    That just means that you don't need to use a separate filter to separate phone and internet connections. You'll still need something (like the vigor 130) to act as a modem. You can probably get openreach modems a lot cheaper on eBay. The main reason people buy the vigor 130 is because it lets...
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    Asus RT-AC86U Wpa3 support.

    You'd probably just turn it off even if it was supported. It's been flaky at best on networks with a wide range of devices connecting and is the first thing that gets turned off after a factory reset.
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    Summer House set up

    I would say just get a router that also works in AP mode, the remaining ports should work as a basic switch without needing a second bit of kit to be plugged in. So connection from the house goes into LAN port 1 on the router that's set up in AP mode and handles wireless, then you've got ports...
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    RT-AX88u and Sky Fiber

    Your system won't work without a modem. I'm presuming you mean FTTC/VDSL as you mention the vigor 130. There was a DSL-AC88U model that had a built in modem, but you really are better off ignoring that and going with separates. Does the Sky router have any kind of modem only mode? (not too...
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    Solved Torrent clients messing my web browsing

    Tried using a VPN? QoS?... I get a bit of bufferbloat if I let it use full bandwidth, but nothing like you describe. Deluge with the scheduler plugin helps with that without needing to worry about QoS (disabled during working hours, throttled to half my connection speed in evenings and...
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    Access to web server

    I would imagine the router just needs to know how to route traffic to this subnet. I'd try adding a new route for the 172.x.x.x range and use the IP of the PC that's running the VM as the gateway.
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    Solved Wired speeds slow with three different ASUS WiFi 6 routers, any fixes?

    Out of curiosity have you found that QoS is actually necessary on a gigabit connection? Just seems a little unnecessary to me unless you've got something going on that frequently saturates the connection.
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    RT-AX86U making audible noise

    Mine is completely silent. Possibly coil whine? I'd return it if you can.
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    AX86U Traffic Analyzer - Statistic under reports

    Try changing from adaptive QoS to traditional. That worked for me anyway.
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    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    AMTM is included in Merlin releases by default these days, you just need to open a SSH session and type in "amtm" to get started. Running skynet and diversion on mine with no issues.