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    All you have re-stated is correct site-to-site VPN. The perpose of this is the ASUS DDWRT router at work is connected VIA wl01 5GHZ to an open xfinitywifi in "client" mode to establish WAN / Internet. I will try this code you have so graciously provided either this evening when I get home or...
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    Asus port forwarding to VPN network rather than WAN and external public

    Did you add the script to the client side or the server side? THANKS!
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    How to port forward from one DDNS WAN accessible ASUS MERLIN router through OPENVPN to another ASUS DDWRT router to a specific Static IP? My setup: @Home ASUS Merlin with OPENVPN Server with DDNS hosting two LAN police scanner web pages. @Work ASUS DDWRT connected as "client" to @Home Asus...
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    Neo Router & Merlin

    RT-AX58U With Merlin, I also use Neo Router on a number of computers. Is there any solution to add neo router directly into Merlin? Thanks Yall!