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    amtm AMTM not able to fix disk error?

    Thank you for the additional information. I had just copied and pasted what someone mentioned to try. I will make note of not using the -y until the issue has been diagnosed.
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    How to test speed between router and modem

    I agree with both of you. I suppose I should clarify that I was disagreeing with top speed achievable and not that the router is underpowered which I do agree with.
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    amtm AMTM not able to fix disk error?

    What about using e2fsck -f -y? Years ago I had some issues on my flash drive and someone from this site suggested I use e2fsck -f -y. It fixed my issue if I remember correctly.
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    How to test speed between router and modem

    I'm not sure I agree. I was able to get 900+ Mbps out of my AC68U.
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    spdMerlin spdMerlin - v4.x - speedtest and bandwidth monitoring

    I am curious about this as well.
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    Wireguard Session Manager - Discussion (3rd) thread

    I will corroborate the YouTube possible causing the log entries. When I saw the entries it was after I was watching YouTube on my mobile device connected to my router via WireGuard.
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    Diversion Diversion issue with Freevee aka ImdbTv

    I use SSH Button on Android. I have a button to turn Diversion off and another to turn it on. Very quick and easy to use. Check this thread for the commands.
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    Wireguard Wireguard on AX86 - low throughput and flood of syslog entries

    Does/should flow cache be disabled when using Wireguard? I was not aware of this. Flow cache is currently enabled on my AC86U and Wiregurad Manager 4.16 seems to be working ok....hang on....just looked at my log. Seeing a ton of May 7 03:02:15 kernel: ^[[0;33;41m[ERROR mcast]...
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    Diversion Diversion seemingly not blocking ads

    Firefox may be using it's built in DoH which will bypass Diversion. Open settings in Firefox and search "doh". See if the box is checked for "Enable DNS over HTTPS".
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    OpenVPN performance of the RT-AC86U

    I'm no expert here so hopefully the smart folks will chime in and correct any erroneous statements that I may make. In my limited research it seems as if the ChaCha20-Poly1305 cipher performs better on non-AES-NI capable routers (AC68U) than the GCM ciphers which perform better on AES-NI...
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    spdMerlin spdMerlin download speeds halved

    My AC86U over a FTTH non-PPPoE gigabit connection running 386.5 with Runner: Enabled - Flow Cache: Enabled just got the following. Looking at the older values on pre-386.5 firmware my max speeds were around 600 Mbps. Edit: Just to be clear, this is using the firmware GUI test and not the...
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    Best new router for Merlin?

    Good catch. I glossed right over that when reading the change log two weeks ago.
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    Best new router for Merlin?

    On the Asus website they have the RT-AX86U product page and if you got to Tech specs they also show a RT-AX86S which appears to be a neutered AX86U. I'm assuming it would be less expensive but note that it is not listed on Merlin's website as a supported model at this time. Another less...
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    New AX86U Settings

    On my AC86U if I set the modulation scheme to MCS 11 my Pixel 6 Pro will get a link speed of 1083 vs 866 on MCS 9. This is the first AC device I've owned that took advantage of MCS 11.
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    Is the RT-AC68U V4 HND?

    It's amazing how long the 68U had endured albeit a reincarnation with the V4. I still use a Best Buy 68U as my RV router (USB tether) on weekend camping excursions.