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    Best new router for Merlin?

    Good catch. I glossed right over that when reading the change log two weeks ago.
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    Best new router for Merlin?

    On the Asus website they have the RT-AX86U product page and if you got to Tech specs they also show a RT-AX86S which appears to be a neutered AX86U. I'm assuming it would be less expensive but note that it is not listed on Merlin's website as a supported model at this time. Another less...
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    New AX86U Settings

    On my AC86U if I set the modulation scheme to MCS 11 my Pixel 6 Pro will get a link speed of 1083 vs 866 on MCS 9. This is the first AC device I've owned that took advantage of MCS 11.
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    Is the RT-AC68U V4 HND?

    It's amazing how long the 68U had endured albeit a reincarnation with the V4. I still use a Best Buy 68U as my RV router (USB tether) on weekend camping excursions.
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    spdMerlin Is this normal?

    Are you using the "automatic" server selection? If so you are probably just hitting a server now and then that isn't fast enough for gigabit connections causing your results to fluctuate.
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    Solved OpenVPN server issue

    Well for whatever reason I am still able to connect to my ovpn server after updating the OpenVPN for Android app. I was getting ready to apply the work around but thought I'd try to connect first and it just connected.
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    Dual WAN using Xfinity Wifi?

    This is the solution I would recommend. I have had success using GL-iNet routers with xfinity wifi.
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    86u openVpn server speeds not 200 Mbit

    I concur. I was/am getting similar results with PIA.
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    Help with changing outgoing TTL on Asus WRT

    I believe chmod a+rx /jffs/scripts/* needs to be done after creating the script.
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    Best way to replace USB

    I would personally start fresh with the new USB stick but that's probably because I don't know my way around Linux and have no idea how to transfer the data to the new stick :) Factory resetting your router and starting fresh is never a bad idea. If you haven't done a reset in a while now...
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    Diversion Diversion block stadia?

    I would try some basic troubleshooting. Disable Diversion for a few days and see if your problem persist. In my opinion if Diversion was causing an issue it would be constant and not intermittent.
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    "Best" Asus Router for VPN

    Is the VPN client on your PC using openvpn or wireguard?
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    RT-AC86U Beamforming

    MU-MIMO seemed to be working based on my testing results a few years ago.
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    Airtime Fairness question

    I'm old school. Is WiFi 4 ac or n? I think where airtime fairness helps the most is with really old/slow clients still on g.
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    spdMerlin spdMerlin - v4.x - speedtest and bandwidth monitoring

    4.1.1 works just fine on my 68U (384.19) which is using USB for the WAN via a cell phone. I did nothing special. Just installed and let it rip. It is also working on VPN1 using openvpn.