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    Broken power button

    In my case, I only use it to power cycle the device, it stays on 24/7. You could couple if with a smart power bar that shuts off the port unless a minimum draw is present or a "smart switch" which also comes in handy under certain circumstances. also use something like this to control the...
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    Sonos and USB attached HDD drive issue.

    You could pickup a cheap 1 or 2 bay basic NAS. Personally, I don't believe in running a bunch of "extras" on my router. I want it to do as little extras as required and focus all resources solely to doing what it should, route IP traffic.
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    Broken power button

    I've switched (get the pun) over to an extension cable with a power switch for a number of my devices that either did not have one originally, had one that was problematic or was inconvenient to access with the device in place.
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    Dont understand subnetting

    How much do we get paid for doing someone's homework when google would have answered? LOL
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    power saving mode?

    Based on and and I strongly agree that a repair shop rather than a further repeat here is...
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    power saving mode?

    Windows is an Operating System (and I hope you are actually running something more current than 8.1) Intel core i7 is the CPU (Central Processing Unit) NVidia is the Graphics (video) card 16GB DDR3 Memory is the RAM (Random Access Memory) 1TB Hard drive is the (HDD) hard drive
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    power saving mode?

    My point was, you said your "PC" but there are literally thousands of "PC"s on the market so knowing which brand and model is important. So, yes, the information you provided does help. "Acer Predator AG3-605-UR11" is the brand and model. From that info, you can download the manual...
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    What is Dropbear and why do I have it?

    And it's just another opportunity for exploits and something for people to not properly setup and secure.
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    power saving mode?

    Providing some information on your "PC" would be a good start. As for entry into the BIOS setup, it depends on the brand. ESC, DEL, F1, F2 & F10 are also pretty common. If you are talking about a laptop here, then without any real info to go on, I'd suspect that maybe the battery isn't charging...
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    Issues with dropped connection

    Start by checking the logs to see if there is anything to indicate a local (WiFi) issue, or an ISP connection issue.
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    Constant DDNS refreshes

    Have you tried a reboot? Sometimes the simplest answer just works :)
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    Security problem

    Please provide, as has been requested !any times in this thread and your previous ones over the last year, at least ONE example of an ACTUAL "hack" so that we can provide you with actual information that may actually help, of indeed there is an actual threat. Everything else is just random...
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    CRON Job help - Activate CRON job if a device is present

    Wouldn't it be better to have your phone initiate the WOL before it performs the backup instead of having the router wake up the MAS just in case it is needed?
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    Security problem

    Nothing. This is simply a repeat of the same vague actions as the last few times this was posted. There is never any actual details or examples, logs, etc..
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    RT-AX88U - Can't access QNAP device

    Is your QNAP NAS still in the same subnet? Sometimes when you switch routers the DHCP range changes and if you had static IPs on devices then you either need to change the DHCP range back or fix the static addresses. Are you using HTTP or HTTPS? Did you enable that in the GUI? Also, do a very...