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    Dynamic DNS, Hostnames and reverse proxy muddle

    For "pointing" your domain(s) to your home setup, the simplest solution is to get a static IP address. The alternative is use a DDNS service (free or paid) bit it also depends on what your ISP "allows" and how it is configured. It gets tricky after that. Again, the simplest approach is if you...
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    TS-453D questions

    I doubt the cyberpower ups would be an issue. Pretty generic stuff. I've been running with auto protection mode for many years and it has performed many safe shutdowns. The calculation and implementation of raid 5 is standard, i.e. all disk volumes are equal, that's the way it works for...
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    WiFi and Wired Device connection issues

    Can you expand on "connection issues"? Physical link? Not getting assigned an IP address? No internet access? What firmware version? Have you tried without mesh? Have you tried a factory default reset and manual configuration?
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    Locked out of AX86U

    Strip it down to running the basic core functions (i.e. get rid of all the scripting) as the most likely cause (IMO) is you are expecting too !uch out of your router. If you really feel the need, add 1 thing back at a time until you find the one that caused the corruption or instability. For...
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    Double WAN IPs Why?

    In your case, I'd simply delete your manual stuff and leave it up to your ISP to "assign" you the static IP. Normally, I'm all for hardcoding values, but it seems to be causing you concern, so an easy fix.
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    Any Problems using VPN Server to update firmware remotely?

    I've done this on and off for a number of decades, using one form of remote access or another. All I can say is that sometimes it works (usually) but be prepared for the (usually critical) time that it won't. To mitigate any potential issues from corruption, I'd suggest remoting into a device...
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    Download Master Install

    Similar to the replies in the other threads you posted this 8n: Router model? Router firmware version? Download master version? (Assuming it has one, I'd never use it personally) Usb device you are trying to use? (Generic USB stick, HDD, SSD, etc) Usb device format? What/how did you format the...
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    Router has Rogue scripts putting traffic through one port

    And 2 more "*must*" items, change / set the admin password to something secure, and ensure remote admin GUI access is disabled :)
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    Latest firmware update

    What are you using to quantify this speed drop? If you roll back the firmware, do the speed tests return to your expected resulting speeds?
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    managing a UPS over a network

    I don't know the actual feasibility, but some NAS units allow you to run containers/docker (qnap, Synology,etc) where it *may* be possible to run your existing client app.
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    Latest firmware update

    And the other 50% would be what did you upgrade from? :)
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    Latest firmware update

    Posting ACTUAL firmware version numbers is never a bad idea :)
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    Unexpected Guest Network Behaviour

    I don't have direct experience with your issue, but since no one else has offered anything yet..... The obvious: did you *apply* the change after making the selection :) I'm not an AP guy but going on what I've read in other posts, I'd suggest: 1 - turn off the AP and see if the behavior works...
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    Adding a second NAS

    Ditto on the advice already given. Specifying the brand and models involved could potentially be useful helping you in the future too. To address your actual issue though, knowing your ISP situation and the type of service, modem, etc could provide clues about how your port forwarding is or is...
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    Planning NAS replacement

    Sorry, I meant a similar upgrade down the road, say in another 3 or 4 years.