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    AiMesh roaming issue

    Yeah, good old roaming nightmare. It depends too much of vendor implementation, supported protocols and last but not least clients. One of the hardest nuts to crack. You can read To be honest I don't...
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    AiMesh roaming issue

    What's the problem you're seeing with whatsapp calls? 1. RT-AC68U does not support band steering AFAIK. So if you're moving from 5GHz to 2.4GHz coverage, there may be troubles. When using this model is better to have different SSID per 5 and 2.4. 2. "Bounce Detect" under "Wireless - Smart...
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    A way to see all connected devices?

    If unknown device doesn't have an ip address from the same subnet (like static ip, out of the subnet), arp -na will not help. You want to learn the mac address of that device? I'm not aware of any ways to query the mac address of the physical ports. There may be one, but it may be platform...
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    Any good cloud based remote Log Servers where to send ASUS's logs?

    Syslog is clear text. It's not like it's a huge amount of confidential information, but why would you send it to someone else over the internet?
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    GT-AC5300 mesh 2.4ghz shutting down

    I do have few questions: - why are your IOS devices connecting to 2.4? Most Apple devices can do 5GHz. Do you have any reasons to expect/want to connect to 2.4? - for some stupid IOT/kindle devices that only can do 2.4, I found it much more stable to set the channel manually. Least busy one...
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    How to access Router GUI via IPv6 static UP?

    That is the single biggest disadvantage of CGNAT. Worth calling the ISP to see if they can move you away from. Don't tell them you can't access your router, tell them you can't VPN to from home - much likely they will listen to such arguments.
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    GT-AC5300 vs RT-AC88U

    I hear you! I'm in meetings several hours per day and I have 0 problems, no matter what family is doing on the internet. Plus, I have my backups running, locally and to internet. I'm not using any QoS, but I do have plenty of bandwidth. I'm using Google Meet, but it's not like Teams is not a...
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    GT-AC5300 vs RT-AC88U

    I have a GT-AC5300 for several years. It was never a super solid router, but more than reasonable. For a long while I had a weekly reload scheduled and that does the job really well. Newest 386 release improved the availability, but it still goes south every now and then so I went back to a...
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    AiMesh and Smart Connect

    I used an AC68U for few years as node. When roaming from router 5GHz to node, I never encountered client to roam to 2.4GHz. Most of the clients that are roaming are new'ish devices so that may be one reason. As OE is saying, if you must have the clients on 5GHz, you should consider a model...
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    How Can I increase Transmit power?

    You can always change the channels. In Europe channels 96+ will allow 1W. It comes with few penalties: not all devices will support it and those channels are subject to DFS. Anything else is not legal. And Asus had to go through legal troubles because of this, few years back. Users, when...
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    Ookla's resident Speedtest

    Yeah, tried all possible options. Including only 1 client connected to my GT-AC5300 and no clients on node. It's ok, I don't mind results are not accurate. I'm getting better results from laptop connected via wifi and nearly all times I'm reaching full 1G from wired clients. That matters the...
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    Ookla's resident Speedtest

    My GT-AC5300 can do Speedtest to no more than 600mbps. While clients behind the router can easily reach full WAN speed of 1G. It's the CPU of the router and the fact speedtest seems to be capable of using only 1 core. Speedtest on the router is more confusing than helpful for users. But it's there.
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    Solved I can't login to my new Syno with AiCloud — use DS File

    I'm not an Apple user so I can't share any experience. I read it's different than Android but that's all I know.
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    Solved I can't login to my new Syno with AiCloud — use DS File

    If the question is addressed to me than the answer is yes. I can upload whatever I decide to upload wherever I am. I'm often doing that. I don't find DS Find the best option to sync photos off my phone, but it can do that if that's what you're looking for.
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    Port Forwarding rules not working, could use some help

    It was suppost to be post, not port. My WAN ip is 46.7.xx.yy.