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    LAN interconnections fail when internet down

    Test: yanked line to modem. Everything was fine until I bounced the router, after which LAN interconnections would not work (even by direct IP address), though individual devices were connected to the router and could hit the router's web interface. Once the WAN reconnected, everything worked...
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    LAN interconnections fail when internet down

    No, it is the RT-AC1900, which IS supported. I should have been more specific.
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    LAN interconnections fail when internet down

    Sorry. Inadvertently used Tomato terminology. Ran Tomato for years up until a few months ago when I switched to Merlin. And it's been long enough since I set up the new router that I forgot some of the details. I obviously should have made better notes. The "vlans" are actually guest networks...
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    LAN interconnections fail when internet down

    [Note: edited for clarity since first posting.] My internet recently went out due to an ISP issue. During this state, I discovered that the devices on my LAN could not connect to each other. I'm running Merlin 384.15 on an AC68U clone (RT-AC1900P). I have DNSFilter enabled with DoT, pointing...
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    The rmerlin donation thread.

    Thanks. Done.
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    No dir structure shown for Media/Samba/NFS/FTP

    I recently switched to Asuswrt-Merlin from Advanced Tomato after upgrading to a new router, when it turned out that my specific HW version didn't have a Advanced Tomato build. It's very easy to work with and I'm actually quite happy to have made the switch. (Thank you, @RMerlin!) I have...
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    Thank you, Dennis. The information you've provided is useful and much appreciated.