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    More Easily Enable/Disable VPN Director Rule

    This seems to work (TV VPN example): Enable rule: #!/bin/sh sed -i 's/<0>Apple TV VPN>/<1>Apple TV VPN>/g' /jffs/openvpn/vpndirector_rulelist service restart_vpnrouting0 /jffs/scripts/service-event restart vpnrouting0 Disable rule: #!/bin/sh sed -i 's/<1>Apple TV VPN>/<0>Apple TV VPN>/g'...
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    VPN Director Wiki

    I've been looking to do something similar - but mainly just for a toggle on/off of existing VPN Director rules. The following seems to work well for my example, which pushes my Apple TV through a VPN client (for cross-region viewing): Enable VPN Director rule: #!/bin/sh sed -i 's/<0>Apple TV...