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  1. ElShaddai Edwards

    AC66U bridge connection failing for one printer

    Nevermind. Removed the Buffalo switch from the configuration and plugged the printer directly into the AC66U and things seem to work correctly. Not sure if it just wasn't seated properly or if I've got a bad switch port. More things to figure out...
  2. ElShaddai Edwards

    AC66U bridge connection failing for one printer

    Configuration: I have two Brother printers (color inkjet, B&W laser) and my laptop hard wired to a Buffalo switch, which runs to an AC66U set to Wireless Bridge mode, connecting to my main router (AC68U) elsewhere in the house. There are other computers connected to the main router in various...
  3. ElShaddai Edwards

    FYI: RT-AC3100 $191.99 at

    Ah, see that now... sorry for the duplication.
  4. ElShaddai Edwards

    FYI: RT-AC3100 $191.99 at

    Not sure how long the sale is. It wasn't listed in their online Black Friday flyer.
  5. ElShaddai Edwards

    2x PCI adapters vs bridge?

    Currently have two tower PCs connected to an AC1750 router with N900 PCI-E cards. Would like to update the 5GHz connection to AC to avoid conflicts with my other AC clients, but not sure if the better option is to upgrade to AC PCI cards or grab a second AC router and use it as a wireless...
  6. ElShaddai Edwards

    Can using a bigger router max out the connection of lower-rated devices?

    I currently have an AC1750-based network made up of two Asus RT-AC66U routers (one primary, one in media bridge mode) and a Buffalo AirStation AC media bridge (1300+450). The media bridges have exclusive use of the 5 GHz band. The AC66U media bridge (50', down an indirect hallway) typically...
  7. ElShaddai Edwards

    Best option for a dedicated AC media bridge?

    Curious what people's opinions are for a dedicated AC media bridge... I know almost all routers can be set up as a media bridge, but I'm curious if there are dedicated units that offer a more attractive price point without the need for the WAN and routing overhead. I have one such unit from...
  8. ElShaddai Edwards

    Gut check on RT-AC66U performance + functionality

    I've had a RT-AC66U as my main router for over a year now after my N66U went belly up with a power issue. Overall it's been working great. I have a two-story rambler and the router is in the south end, downstairs. I'm using 2.4 GHz for my general wireless -- phones, kindles, etc. -- while...
  9. ElShaddai Edwards

    RT-AC66U x2 media bridge and wireless clients?

    I have two RT-AC66U units, one as my primary router, one configured as a media bridge, using the AC band as the connection. Everything seems to be working correctly. Running the newest Merlin beta firmware on the bridge unit. I've been searching for current information on what settings and/or...