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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    I'd agree with @Wade Coxon about stratum servers because most or all of the benefit from them is lost to the Internet between. As far as number of servers is concerned, having 3 left in the worst plausible scenario is good. So 7 from 3 sources should be fine.
  2. EmeraldDeer

    RT-AX88U Max wifi uplink speed at 150Mbps

    I get 400 Mbps upload on an Apple iPhone 7S. However, this is with an iPerf3 app connected to a wired PC on my LAN running iPerf3 server. I have the same settings as you except I am using DFS Channel 52 which no one else is using.
  3. EmeraldDeer

    Pi-Hole or Diversion or Unbound?

    Simple yet effective? Pi-hole No, not simple Diversion Yes, as effective as Pi-hole Unbound No, not simple, stick with dnsmasq and Quad9
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    That is correct. Cloudflare is the only domestic pool supporting NTS so far. Apple Atlanta is giving you the best time.
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    If you are only getting six, then add another pool, either or
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    As @Wade Coxon said, not much is to be gained from fretting over this, but I have some opinions: Do not use time servers on another continent By default, chrony does not do leap second smearing. Facebook and Google do leap second smearing, so don't use them. Use them and only them if you...
  7. EmeraldDeer

    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Perhaps you should start over Rename your current chrony.conf Copy chrony.conf.default to chrony.conf Comment out pool iburst Add the two pool entries below Uncomment the ntsdumpdir line pool iburst pool nts ntsdumpdir /opt/var/lib/chrony
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Both lines were in mine ### SPECIFY YOUR NTP SERVERS # Most computers using chrony will send measurement requests to one or # more 'NTP servers'. You will probably find that your Internet Service # Provider or company have one or more NTP servers that you can specify. # Failing that, there are...
  9. EmeraldDeer

    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    Choose the timeservers with the lowest standard deviation from the output of chronyc sourcestats
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    Solved Mystery Blocker

    I am guessing it is not in Skynet-BlockedRanges by accident.
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    Skynet Skynet security issue: Causing denial of service

    My recommendation is # firewall banmalware exclude firehol_level3.netset
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    Priority for DoT Server List?

    I am not arguing against the proposal. But if your ISP cannot connect to Cloudflare, what are the odds that the rest of the Internet is OK? I am thinking close to zero. And if the problem is just Cloudflare's DNS service, then choose another one, especially one that filters malware.
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    ntpMerlin ntpMerlin v3.x

    This is working fine. Not sure about France, but in Boston the Apple and Cloudflare pools give better time than the pool. pool pool
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    DFS Channels AX88U, 386.1_2

    Perhaps this North America graphic is close to UK channels I see this in Wireless Log when using DFS Channel 52 80 MHz Here is a UK WiFi article...
  15. EmeraldDeer

    How many more years can i expect R7800 to receive updates?