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    dual ethernet

    sorry for any mistakes, I'm working with one ey, as the other is not working well. I have a new docsis 3.1 cable modem by hitron, with a ASUS AX86U Both have dual lan cable for a connection, is t here any advantage to using it with 1024 mbps connection
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    CLient names

    I think I found the file… Custom_clientlist I just want the client’s name on each access point to be the same. THe fle looks like it binds the name to the MAC address.
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    CLient names

    Where in the firmware are the client's name stored? I'd like to copy the file to other access point as most of my devices are static. This would help me to know what the client is, switching from access point to access point in the settings.
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    Max number of 2.4ghz clients

    Well I have almost max’d out the /24 network with 255 clients. one gateway with no wifi Four access points One bridge Another acccess point Far away all the client have the ability to flip to another AP in my 2500 sq ft home.
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    2.4 Client Limit

    I have over 100, all static IP. Thou it’s split up over five acces points. They can jump around over the network.
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    Request: Recommend a Media Bridge

    I use RTac86u in bridge mode. Works well. I even gave another RT-ac86u in client mode connected to that bridge too. Works well. you might have to you Mac white/black list to make sure the media bridge stays connected to one access point or gateway.
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    Rx/Tx & RSSI Rate

    When looking at a device connected wirelessly, the signal strength is -60 and the device is connected 802.11g so my maximum is 54Mbps the connection ranges from 1 to 54 Mbps does this mean the device increases the connection based on the data needed to be sent or Does this mean the signal...
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    usb flash drive not detected

    Well I resolved my issue. need to formate the USB stick with the router firmware and not the computer desktop. just reinstalled entente and all the scripts. done.
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    usb flash drive not detected

    I just upgraded to 386.2.2; and I just lost the USB stick. I've tried everything mentioned in this thread. But I do have this in my log file. Apr 19 23:10:06 kernel: usb 2-1: new SuperSpeed USB device number 2 using xhci-hcd Apr 19 23:10:06 kernel: usb-storage 2-1:1.0: USB Mass Storage device...
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    Loaning hardware to merlin?

    Oh don’t get me wrong I figured this much, but I had envisions of a big sci-fi picture in my head, LED lights flashing all over the place hundreds of SS ID signals in the air. Well, you could always daisychain them all, one client mode and one in assess point mode... and so one, see how many...
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    Loaning hardware to merlin?

    Lol I can just imagine your basement glowing in the dark.
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    Terrible WiFi performance after MerlinASUS firmware update

    Did you test the stock firmware?
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    New Asus Router with Merlin

    I bought this new Asus router, is it supported by Merlin? Lol I just had to share it