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    Set up router to use Pi-Hole with selected clients

    Hey I do this and it works perfect for me. I have Pihole and ensure all devices including Alexa, Smart TV and other stuff just go through pihole for DNS This is how I did it Pihole is my DHCP and DNS server In the LAN page on the router Disable DHCP server I point DNS server 1 and 2 within...
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    AC87u with Merlin -> what next

    Hey Spedwards, Thanks for inputs. Overall I'm happy with the AC87u and got things nicely setup and helped with some Piholes as well on RPi, and TPLink extenders wired into power lines. I've split my providers of broadband and TV and therefore don't experience your issues. One of the main...
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    AC87u with Merlin -> what next

    Thanks L&LD that's just the response I was looking along with some great advice on money saving as well :) I wasn't sure when 6E was available or whether it was worth it with all my endpoints being aligned to older frequencies, but can decide nearer the summer. At least gives me a project it...
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    AC87u with Merlin -> what next

    Hi, Long ti.e user of Merlin and various add-ons and I know no more firmwares being developed for AC87u which is performing great. Trying to understand which Merlin supported router next out of the AX range. Anyone any clues, experiences? No limits on budget but I do have BT Halo connectivity...