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  1. feelyat

    Stable and Cheap AC

    I am currently running the very inexpensive RT-N12 router, which is 2.4 only, and up to this point, has generally fit my needs quite well. I now have quite a few devices that support AC, or at least dual-band N, and the neighborhood's 2.4 spectrum is getting quite crowded, so I want to get...
  2. feelyat

    Intel AC 7260 and drivers

    I think I'm coming to that conclusion myself. I prefer to use the connection UI in Windows, in part so that my Windows experiences can remain consistent across different machines. Are there any documents (changelog, etc) that explain the difference between the two versions? It'd be nice to...
  3. feelyat

    Intel AC 7260 and drivers

    Thanks for the reply. Out of curiosity, what's the advantage to using the PROSet software? Are there features missing from the driver only package?
  4. feelyat

    Intel AC 7260 and drivers

    I recently swapped out my old laptop wifi card for an Intel AC-7260. In general, it has worked great -- no problems to speak of. I'm curious about one thing, though. I let Windows (8.1, 64bit) discover the device and find the drivers, and everything seems to be working fine, including...
  5. feelyat

    Tomato Bandwidth limiter help.

    I think they both limit bandwidth, but the QoS does it by applying rules to the connection to classify the traffic. When I went to a VoIP phone, I turned on QoS to see if it would help maintain good phone performance. Not sure if it did that, but I noticed the limited bandwidth accidentally...