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  1. Gar

    News ASUS "New" models
  2. Gar

    News Samsung Announces Wi-Fi 6E 5G phone

    Still on an iphone 6s plus, making me what I wonder? Only ac and happy with it.
  3. Gar

    ASUS RT-AX82U $210 Lacking Merlin support (I assume that's a done deal?), but in stock at a sale price on Amazon. With the new tariffs maybe worth checking out.
  4. Gar

    Wifi 6e - access points?

    Probably a Blue Cave AXE revision.
  5. Gar

    News RT-AX68U

    The AX88 has been out long enough to do a refresh, the AX86 seems questionable though. Edit: unless they planned a simple update all along?
  6. Gar

    News RT-AX68U

    I'm expecting to see a 6e model pop up and kill a lot of the 6 enthusiasm.
  7. Gar

    News ASUS price hike? Routers too I suppose.
  8. Gar

    ASUS RT-AX3000

    $150 again at Newegg:
  9. Gar

    R7800 Still a good router?

    @Voxel are you seriously considering the RAX120 as your next project? A friend owns one and I've been impressed with it. Probably a future owner here, but more so with your f/w. EDIT: I see these selling on EBAY for less than $300, way better than the $500 retail price!
  10. Gar

    Beta Asuswrt-Merlin 386.1 Beta is now available

    B3 working great on my state-of-the-art AC88, thanks again!
  11. Gar

    News RT-AX68U

    $199 makes more and more sense now. $ way.
  12. Gar

    Factory Default Reset requirement when upgrading AC88U

    If you're sure it's working OK then leave it be, but if there are issues the reset may be a good place to start.
  13. Gar

    Should I get the ASUS RT-AC86U or GT-AC2900

    Maybe the new AX68 will do, whenever it shows up.
  14. Gar

    News RT-AX68U

    Looks like a nice unit. Wonder if the AX55/56/58 line-up changes? If the 68 is $100 the only reason to keep the others might be the form factor. I wasn't an ASUS user back when the AC3100/68/87 were the latest models, don't know how they marketed those together.
  15. Gar

    News RT-AX68U

    I know we touched on this model last week, but this is the first mention I've seen elsewhere even though it doesn't say much: There sure will be plenty of entry level ASUS models.