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    Optimal settings

    Typically, _all_ "power saving" features introduce "lag" and worse yet "latencies" into the performance equations. This means varying results over time. It always "takes time" (and uS add up) to start, sleep and stop these devices - whether they be wireless ports, _wired ports_, I/O devices...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.7 is now available for all models

    ^^^^ Hmmm. I just started having major DNS issues with all - cloudflare, quad9, google - the wife is about to well... (Note: I've tried switching to cloudflare, quad9, and then then google - with the same results.) I've also rebooted the router a couple times this AM attempting to stabilize...
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    After upgrade to 386.7 warning about low level of free NVRAM

    This has been surfaced before and is in my "router-keeping" arsenal. To clear out the dust... maybe this is what you were considering? YMMV per above posts.. IDK if it is a "best practice" or no longer recommended - but it might help in dire need...
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    I debated deploying Firewalla (Gold or Purple) model ~ 3 months ago as the front facing internet door - right when the "TechCrunch" article was published. I also dove into many earlier reviews and liked what I read. I also looked into the support forums - great place to find about customer...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.6 is now available for select models

    ^^ Indeed - interesting... very!
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    Multi Port 2.5Gbe Switch

    I've had good luck = no complaints, no failures for many with the TRENDnet fanless gigabit switches. I'm considering the 5-8 ports x 2.5 Gb versions to see if my circa 2000 Cat5 cabling (all shorter runs)... can carry higher rates. I don't have "in-hand" experience on these - just considering...
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    Tutorial Diversion / YouTube advert blocking > restore blocked googlevideo domains list

    Thanks for the guidance! I cleared the old yt_blacklist file, cleared the dnsmasq.log file and then left the YT blocking off for a couple days. This AM, I attempted re-enabling the YT blocking and it magically found whatever IP it was seeking in the couple days worth of dnsmasq.log file...
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    Tutorial Diversion / YouTube advert blocking > restore blocked googlevideo domains list

    Hi, Thanks for the guidance. Yes I believe so though I'm not sure how to answer your question. I left diversion OFF overnight and removed the earlier yt_blacklist file. I restarted the router, waited, browsed YT vids from 2 different browsers, then tried to re-enable d > 8 => Same result...
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    Tutorial Diversion / YouTube advert blocking > restore blocked googlevideo domains list

    Hi! I recently had to turn off the YT blocking to see if it was causing vids not to play (and it was). I then restored the yt_blacklist file from the recent diversion backups (/jffs/addons/diversion/*....gz) Presently, I cannot re-engage / setup the YT blocking (1>b>8) I've tried all of the...
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    My USB drives keep dying with my AC86U router. What is reliable brand?

    The onboard chipset should the model several of us use and have extensively deployed and posted. I've used the UGREEN model on 6+ routers b/c they use the ASMedia chipset. These, for me, are plugged into the USB2 slot. Theses UGREEN and SSD typically do not have power consumption issues. If...
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    Entware Can't update Entware package Apache

    ^^^ We certainly don't want apache web running by default! If I'd not been following, I would have missed this caveat! That default behavior sure feels like an added security exposure most AMTM users are not going to want... Or maybe I missed some point? ...based on below comments, I'm...
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    My USB drives keep dying with my AC86U router. What is reliable brand?

    We've talked about this before... (needs to be a sticky)! ;) USB drives use NAND media that is mostly "bottom of the barrel" WRT to reliability and longevity. It is not designed for repeated writes and the small physical size does not help the heat dissipation issues which decimates...
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    DNS failing with heavy UDP traffic

    Interesting... I'ver been running stubby -l for months to debug another issue... mine shows only TCP....and I use 6 resolvers... One different I see in your posted settings are I use the default symmetric and your profile shows Fullcone... I still use the quad9 settings in DNS1/DNS2 for the...
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    Entware What are your favorite entware packages to install on your routers?

    Packages to add to router via SSH opkg install X (my install notes). I try to keep the adds limited AMTM + atop curl drill htop openssl-utils procps-ng-kill procps-ng rrdtool sysstat tcpdump screen (allows scripts to continue running in background) openssh-sftp-server ** (Beyond Compare...
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    Release Asuswrt-Merlin 386.5 is now available

    I've had "mild" DNS issues on 386.5. I skipped 386.4 b/c of known dnsmasq issues. I use the integrated stubby/dnsmasq and need to reboot the router about every 7-10 days to "get DNS working again" I'll capture the stubby stream the next time before I reboot it. The last "super stable" version...