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    CakeQOS and Anyconnect

    How does cake deal with VPN traffic, specifically when using Cisco AnyConnect? My work laptop uses AnyConnect(V 4.9) and Tunnel Mode is set to Tunnel All Traffic. I use this laptop for all my work tasks; Email, SharePoint, Teams, RDP/SSH access to servers, moving 3-5 GB files from one area of...
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    Loaning hardware to merlin?

    What do you keep the AC66U_B1 for?
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    Router temperatures

    How do you enable EEE (Energy Efficient Ethernet), or check its status?
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    R7000 - Firewall

    Trying to help a friend with an R7000 running stock firmware version R7000 is currently configured in access point mode, with the ISPs cable modem(CGN3) doing routing etc, with wifi off. If we bridge the CGN3, and put the R7000 back into Router mode, does the R7000 have a built in...
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    AC86U as an Access Point

    Tried that route with my friend a few weeks ago. All the wiring in the house terminates next to the Hitron in the mechanical room, so need the router there. As it is in the basement and mech room, total waste putting wifi in there. He has decided to return the router, and will rethink how to...
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    AC86U as an Access Point

    I am baffled what the issue is. He sets up the 86U, and get bad speeds. Shuts it down, and using same ethernet cable gets good numbers from the R7000. Swap back to 86U, poor numbers again. There is not a lot to config for a basic access point, not sure what the issue is. Half wonder if this...
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    AC86U as an Access Point

    I should have added that the same cable was used for both the R7000 and 86U, so I don't think it is a cable issue.
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    AC86U as an Access Point

    Trying help a friend , remotely(Covid times) , replace a Netgear R7000 with an AC86U. The netgear has had intermittent wifi issues, and is 5+ years old. Current Setup: ISP Modem: Hitron CGN3 with wifi turned off. IP DHCP allocates out at to 200 On a 75/10 plan from...
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    (NOOB) Definition of "minimal and manual configuration"

    Are all the recommendations made in post #3 still valid? I have seen in other posts the recommendation to use 8 character SSIDs. Is that just a personal preference or performance related?