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    Release RT-AC68U Firmware version

    Regarding pihole setup (assuming you are using it on the WAN settings page): What do you mean by "The new versions are way too heavy for this router."? Thx.
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    RT-N66U: Slow wifi caused by 374 firmware

    Congratulations! Welcome to frustration. I haven't tried the 374 SDK 6 (the official Asus) but am running Merlin 374.34_2 SDK 5 and my 2.4 is averaging about 10Mbps or less (several devices tested...all G). A crappy old netgear router at my folks gets 18 to 19 Mbps on the same device (iPad...
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    AC66u Web Interface Slow.. not slow... REALLY slow (2-3 min to load)

    I have the same issue as zero stated above, but with Outpost firewall. Disabling the firewall does not fix the problem for me. I have to shut it down entirely, then it works fine where GUI response is normal. Agnitum support had me try to disable content filtering for the browser (a rule...