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Router: ASUS RT-AX88U in wired backhaul to 2 RT-AX56U and 1 RT-AC88U
Switch1: TRENDnet TEG-S750 5x10Gbps
Switch2: D-Link DGS-1008A 8x1Gbps
Switch3: D-Link DGS-1008A 8x1Gbps
Switch4: D-Link DGS-1008A 8x1Gbps

NAS1: Synology DS-923+ 4x10TB WD Red Plus in RAID0
NAS2: Synology DS-713+ 2x4TB in RAID0
NAS3: QNAP TS-453Be 2x12TB Seagate Exos in RAID0 + 2x8TB Barracudas in RAID0
NAS4: QNAP TS-259 Pro+ 2x1TB WD Velociraptor Raptor in RAID0

DAS: StarTech 2x6TB Seagate SD4000DM000 in RAID0
Desktop: Ryzen 5800X 32GB, 2TB Silicon Power NVMe, 4TB Samsung SSD, 2x20TB WD Ultrastar HC570
March 27
Sao Paulo