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    Asus AX89X still worth?

    I am using mine like you plan to use yours, since 4month. I had mine for 390€, and i am very happy with.
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    Frequent disconnecting on Lan while gaming

    So if one device works fine, and not the other, we can think it's not a router problem. As long as you tried with the same wire, on the same ethernet port. That is why, i'd prefer that you test playing with an other computer linked with the same wire that you used to use.
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    AiMesh LAN speed expectations

    maybe it's stupid, but did you try many other wire ?
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    Asus RT-AX89X assus-merlin

    I am an RT-AX89X owner since more than 1 month and i am very happy with it. The 2x 10gb port are great, the sfp one is used to link to my isp (8gb, bridge mode) and the second one allow me to link to a QNAP QSW-2104-2T (10bg). From this switch i deserve my nas with the second 10gb port (of this...
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    Frequent disconnecting on Lan while gaming

    Are you able to try with an other computer ?
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    How can I add more than 4 nodes (1+4)

    If you remove all the nodes, can you add the "fifth" one (you didn't add him in your previous list model/version) as first node ?
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    Release ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Firmware version (2022/05/03)

    in 2 houses, both with a router (ax88u in one, and ax89x in other), both with 2 XT8 as nodes, both in ethenet only backhaul, no problem at all.
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    This morning my wifi speed limitation on nodes (i havent try on main router) is back. I guess it s the main router that limit it, cause it's a stable speed limit, and when i watch my router cpu status it seems to be a 90-100% (that should not be). When idle, and nothing crazy, even if i turn off...
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    Ok, so I downgrade, still low wifi speed i upgrade back, still low I removed/added back nodes, still low I forgave, and tested 30min later, speed is back … I was alone at home for all my test, sure nothing was using the network … don’t know what happen but it’s working as expected. So never mind
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    It seems that since this last update my aimesh node (2 x XT8, ethernet backhaul only) speed is way lower. I used to reach 800/600mbps down/up now i am only 500/400mbps. I ll revert back to previous firmware, test, and report here. See you.
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    fixed DDNS issues with double NAT for me. Removed lot of useless log message Great update for me
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    XT8 Mesh routers and Fire Tv Stick

    On the app or on the webui, under aimesh menu you can link devices to the node you prefer
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    drastic speed difference ethernet AP vs ethernet Aimesh

    Once you set the channel/bandwidth on the main routeur did you reboot nodes to be sure they get the settings ?
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    ASUS ZenWiFi XT8 Firmware version (2022/02/22)

    It is, if you turn Ethernet backhaul only option.
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    Hi, just bought mine last week on amazon(.fr) for 392€, it’s a b2 ! Didn’t now it exist. Didn’t turn it on yet.